A taste of the new meta boss from Jormag's awakening

Before long, the offensive against the ice dragon and the Frost Legion continues in GW2: On July 28, the episode Jormag's Awakening appears, in which we advance further north of the Drizzle Coast to stop the corrupted Charr troops. The big feature of the episode is the Storm on the Frost Citadel, a new meta-event that represents a mix of WvW inspiration and instance layout. The developers have revealed a few glimpses of the upcoming episode – we present the highlights to you. The full blog article you can also read about it.

Siege of the Frost Citadel in GW2 based on WvW

The attack on the icy fortress in Jormag's Awakening, like the events from the previous episode No Mercy, is based on WvW gameplay: taking and defending punk, advancing to key positions, and building siege weapons. The developers want to find a balance between "the cooperative war experience and the fun of thrashing AI villains". This dynamic should change when entering the citadel.

Charrs Frost Legion in Frost Citadel in GW2: Jormag's Awakening

The battles in the Frost Citadel itself are intended to give GW2 players the feeling of an instance.

Source: Arenanet

Frost Citadel built like a dungeon or raid

In the Frost Citadel the pace changes, the whole takes on the features of an instance of a raid or a dungeon. If you continued to follow WvW templates, it would simply be storming the fortress and killing the lord. Instead, the developers have added a few more complex mechanics. In addition, the layout of the citadel allows developers to have a clear idea of ​​where the players are, so they can incorporate cinematic moments. But the big showdown of the meta-event takes place outside the frost citadel again …

Claw Jormags in GW2: Jormag's Awakening

The new claw Jormags in Guild Wars 2 has different attacks than its predecessor from the main game.

Source: Arenanet

New Claw Jormags with new tricks in GW2

Jormag's claw is no stranger to us. We have been fighting since the release of GW2 in the high-end area Eisklamm-Sund against this world boss. But also in the ice brood saga she has been circling above our heads since the Bjora swamps. At the end of the meta event, she's finally going to collapse again. The monster is betting on some new moves. For example, it sits on an ice column and attacks us while we cannot reach it.

Instead, we have to collect scrap pieces that drop allied charrcopters to repair cannons that blow monsters out of the sky. When designing the event, the developers have long worked on reaching the sweet spot for the repair period. In the second phase, the claw is brought down by the artillery and falls on a plateau, half buried under rubble. The episode trailer briefly shows this phase of the fight:

Guild Wars 2: Frosty Trailer shows content from Jormag's Awakening

Don't be blown away!

In the second half of the fight, players must protect themselves from roaring storms and attacks that cannot be avoided. The special attack even blows us off a cliff – if we don't hide behind big boulders. Here, too, development was a tricky business. The designers wanted players to be careful not to get blown down. But that shouldn't happen all the time, especially newbies. That is why the protective rocks became an important element. So an "interesting rhythm" from Schadel should cause and remain in cover.

Those responsible at Arenanet emphasize that while designing such unique boss mechanics was time-consuming, it was also simply necessary for the epic end of the attack on the Frost Citadel.

GW2: Jormag's Awakening is released on July 28th in the evening and is free for all owners of GW2: Path of Fire.

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