It’s amazing how something that is actually free can hurt the gamer’s soul so much. In Steam’s Free2Play category, you’ll find games that are a real torture.

Hell, Hades, Helheim or Unterwelt – there are many names, but they all describe a terrible place where horror reigns. Depending on who you ask, it gives up Steam several places that correspond to this description. What most can certainly agree on is that Free2Play category. A place where everyone finds their torment.

As it is with us humans, we just can’t keep our hands off the damn apples and I took a bite into three of them. What came up again, I wrote down here for you.

Before we go down into digital purgatory, a few notes.

  1. I try to avoid religious puns.
  2. These three games are just examples of many other games.
  3. I know there are far worse games out there.

Click Space Miner 2

Probably one of the few games that really described the entire gameplay with their name. In Click Space Miner 2 you click on planets in the “Space” to dismantle them (mine). Actually, not much else happens in the game. You “fly” with a spaceship to one of three planets and click around on them to dismantle something.

However, there is nothing animated about it, there are only static images and a resource display that increases when you click. You then use the resources to buy upgrades (the game doesn’t tell you what these do) so that the meter increases faster and a passive increase is also increased.

The terrible music is a crime and luckily it can be identified. What is a real cheek, however, are the microtransactions offered. A Deluxe edition for 2.39 euros removes the advertising from the game. You can also spend money on one In-game currency with which you can then buy upgradesthat you have no idea what they’re good for. The agony of this game is the screaming absurdity that should pay their money so that the only game feature (= click) becomes more and more obsolete.

There are people who find such click games relaxing, but hardly with this presentation. I then tricked Click Space Miner 2 and left it running in the background for a few days, every now and then upgrading what I believed was passively increasing resources. It’s never been easier for me to become a millionaire in a game.

League of Maidens

In short: League of Maidens is an action RPG in which you, as one of the maiden names, save the world with firearms and magical superpowers. You create your maiden yourself in a character editor that has everything a misogynous heart desires. In contrast to the image of women conveyed, the graphics are somewhat bearable.

League of Maidens shoots you in the game itself Menus, banners, pop-ups and buttons admit that you no longer know where up and down is. There are daily challenges, a battle pass, boxes to open, a wheel of fortune and music starts steadily like in a casino. Also leads every second click in the shop. There you can buy clothes that are not worthy of the name, a premium subscription and much more. Basically everything in this game is behind a paywall.

While the women in League of Maidens are as scantily clad as possible, they are You can only see bare skin for money. A nude cheat has to be paid for, as well as access to the shower in the Maidens headquarters. Only then are the sliders for the genitals activated in the editor. To get back to the point here, through a microtransaction, the game simply contains pornography from the time of purchase.

By the way, with real nudity, the fun stops for Steam:

Reading tip

Daniel Hartmann23.03.2021

A quick digression on sex in video games. A game aimed at adults can definitely deal with eroticism, sex and sexuality. It is perfectly normal for characters and also for stories to deal with such topics, as films, books and all art forms do. The problem with the characters in League of Maidens is though not the nudity, it is the context in which it is seen. A prominently advertised feature is the photo mode, in which players determine how their character is to pose. It is the Discrepancy between the superheroes shown and their powerlessness towards the player.

I know that a lot of people don’t want to hear that, but Children can play that without any problems. Anyone with a Steam account can easily download the game and the 20 euros for the nude cheat can also be easily raised by minors. Aside from the fact that this game was actually built around its microtransactions, it’s just plain sexist.

Infestation: Survivor Stories 2020

Infestation: Survivor Stories 2020 is another attempt to bring the game The War Z to the people. There is also Infestation: The New Z and Infestation: Battle Royale on Steam. All of this is the same game from the same developer who has been trying to make money off this zombie survival nightmare for nearly ten years.

The game has already been offered for sale in its various new releases and has hardly changed. The constants are the charge of being a cheap copy of DayZ and the outrageous microtransactions in the game. Regardless of whether it was Free2Play or as a “full price game”, each variant was the purest Pay2Win.

This also applies to the 2020 version. It is also technically in an absolutely miserable condition. There is also Cheaters on every cornerthat you can’t even be angry with because it’s probably the only way to enjoy this game a little. To quote a Steam review that gets it right to the point: “I’d rather pay for Winrar.”

Keep your hands off it

At Click Space Miner 2 I could only shake my head, it’s just so absurd to ask for money for it. League of Maidens was the worst experience for me. I have been playing all the time felt disgusting somehow. Don’t get me wrong: I think there is room in video games for eroticism and sex. In fact, developers don’t dare to do that enough. After all, it works without “cringe” and can be part of a story as normal. Love, lust and passion are emotions and needs that complex characters have, so show it according to the game’s age rating! How explicit this can be is another discussion.

League of Maidens has nothing to do with eroticism, it is crude pornography. The Maidens are at the mercy of the player and they try to make money in the cheapest way.

The same goes for Infestation-Wold-War-Z-Something. This game will be offered several times again on Steam, to offer players a great experience without even the slightest hint of intention. Maybe that’s the worst thing about all three games. I never had the feeling that someone here was trying to offer me a nice video game, but some cobbled together nonsense that tries to fool me into paying money.

The three games also made it into this series of pictures:

There are so many sensible and free games that have a high probability of doing better anything these three try to make you believe. Just play something of it. First of all I’m playing something with puppies.

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