from Susanne Braun
If you liked the Netflix series Squid Game and want to invest 25 minutes of your time, you should watch MrBeasts Squid Game Remake. The Youtuber has raised US $ 3.5 million with sponsors to turn one of 456 randomly selected players into an almost half-millionaire.

We already told you that the Youtuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson sponsored a remake of the games from the Netflix series Squid Game has recorded – and the video is now ready! If you liked Squid Game and have 25 minutes to spare, you should definitely go to MrBeasts Squid Game – because it is absolutely gripping even without blood and despite the knowledge of the games.

Here is the trailer for the original, below is the video from MrBeast

Squid Game: Netflix series like Takeshi’s Castle – in fatal

456 players battle it out for $ 456,000

The people who were randomly selected to take part in MrBeasts Squid Game should not, of course, leave empty-handed: the winner of the six games was rewarded with a whopping 456,000 US dollars. There were also opportunities to earn a few dollars in between – for example, if you voluntarily left the games before pulling the rope.

Rule adjustments – not everything works like in the series

In fact, Donaldson tried to implement all the games as in the Netflix template – minus deaths, of course. Anyone who did not pass a game at any point simply flew, but did not lose their head. Overall, the organizers were concerned about safety. The rope pulling and the glass bridge were specially secured with foam basins so that no one was injured in the event of a fall.

And a few rules had to be adjusted. For example, when there was anarchy in the bedroom for one night in the series and the contestants for the Squid Game pissed each other off, MrBeast organized a game of skill with his supporters to decide which players were allowed to continue.

Squid Game … ohne Squid Game

The eponymous last game, the Squid Game, has also been replaced. Because – SPOILER – not only two players reached the last game. And nobody really understood the rules of the Squid Game. So the game was replaced by a more familiar one, namely the back of a chair.

And believe us: The remake of Squid Game by MrBeast is captivating to the very end, even without bloodshed and intrigue.

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