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How would WoW's iconic characters – like Illidan, Anduin, Sylvanas & Co – look in real life? An AI wants to answer this question, but it tends to produce questionable results.

The graphic style of Warcraft and WoW is definitely not kept realistic. As mature as some stories and events are, the familiar look of Azeroth has been more of a cartoon for years. How the many heroes and villains would look in real life is shown again and again by cosplays or even the Warcraft film, which relied on CGI orcs and real people. Now a Warcraft fan has given an AI software called PULSE the order to recreate real people from game screenshots. The video with the results is interesting, funny, and mostly bizarre:

According to AI, Illidan is an old woman and Jaina is a drag queen

While Varian from the Legion trailer, Anduin from a BfA cinematic and Jaina as a character still allow a pretty good result, the software quickly fails because of many other heroes and villains in Azeroth. Especially characters like ingame Anduin, Jaina and Illidan bring the program to its knees. Even pre-Lich-King Arthas becomes a dad with a bald head!

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The software generally has a problem with figure heads having features such as hoods. For example, Sylvanas' headgear turns into hair as she loses her iconic eyebrows. It is similar with Lor'Themar, whose pointed elf ears the AI ​​cannot process and accordingly turns them into a line in the background.

Instead of the pitiful AI results, can you think of real actors or people who would fit perfectly with the WoW templates? Write us in the comments!

Source: Reddit

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