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The announcement that the developers of Funcom want to make a new game for the Dune brand, based on the sci-fi novels by Frank Herbert, made fans around the world listen. However, in the context of the investor report for the 2019 financial year, those responsible say that the open world survival game is still a few years away.

Dune fans around the world have been listening in the recent past when photos of the new two-part film adaptation of Frank Herbert's sci-fi novel by director Denis Villeneuve made the round and gave a first impression of what's coming. And there is another reason for the followers of the name Dune and the associated brand to unlock the eavesdroppers, even though there are no first impressions of the location. The developers of Funcom also have something to contribute to the younger Dune hype. Because in Investor report for the 2019 financial year (via Massively overpowered) the planned Open World Survival MMO is also mentioned.

Funcom CEO Rui Casais stated in the report that the developers would now prioritize the new Dune game. "The largest, most exciting and most ambitious of our projects is undoubtedly the fantastic IP Dune, an open world game with survival component, for which we were able to secure the exclusive rights for PC and consoles." However, this is also a game that will only be finished in a few years, Casais emphasizes, because the developers have set themselves the goal of making an even more ambitious and stable version of Conan Exiles. From the beginning, the focus was also on a GaaS financing model, ie as "Game as a Service", like Conan Exiles as well. By the way, other Funcom news from the annual report describe Conan Exiles as a firm fixture in the studio's business and report that Conan Unconquered, the strategy game in the Conan universe, is more of a distant one.

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