Yesterday Sony announced Demon's Souls for the first time for the PC, with a nice “Also available for PC”. Well, unfortunately there are some hearts to be broken now because there will be no PC version – the announcement has been withdrawn.

Demon's Souls

As you all probably already know, it will be graphically quite attractive Remake of Demon's Souls stomp on the upcoming PS5 – and only on the PS5, although the new trailer for the game (yes, there's a new one!) promised something completely different. At yesterday's PS5 showcase, Sony adorned itself with the small sentence towards the end of the video, "Also available for PC." Well: Demon's Souls will not conquer the PC, neither in the remake nor in the old version.

Across from PC gamer declares Sony the Faux pas as a human error, in short: someone on the Sony team added the sentence accidentally, although there was no agreement. See that new trailer myself, I also have handkerchiefs ready:

In addition to the devil of errors, pleasant things also crept into yesterday's PS5 showcase: like the Console price and more Game announcementslike Final Fantasy 16 or a first trailer for the new Harry Potter RPG.

And what else is there for the PS5:

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At least you can console yourself with the new pictures in the trailer, but a bitter aftertaste remains. Pity! The remake of Demon's Souls is expected to be released on PlayStation 5 release at the 19th November 2020.