A spokesman for the studio said that the entire team is excited to expand the backstory of the world of Horizon with the sequel Horizon Forbidden West and to continue Aloy's journey.

Aloy's story continues

"We are so excited to spend more time in this world, adding to its history and continuing Aloy's journey," a guerrilla spokesman told GamesRadar. "There are so many gameplay and storytelling opportunities in this universe and we can't wait to see them in Horizon Forbidden West (buy now € 79.99 ) to explore further. "How exactly these possibilities look like, the employee did not go into it.

But you can look forward to getting to know new machines that will put Aloy's skills as a hunter to the test. “Part of what made machine combat in Horizon Zero Dawn so satisfying was the puzzling element in every encounter. What is the attack pattern of this machine? What are its weaknesses? What strategies are most successful? It was tough at times to be about machines Our reveal trailer showed players that they can look forward to things they've never seen before, but we want to leave it at that and keep as much of that satisfaction for the players as possible, with it you can discover it for yourself. "

So you will experience an adventure like you have never seen it before. This takes you through the wild west of Nevada, Utah and California. You will even explore underwater areas, for which you need a diving device. What dangers and secrets await you underwater, you will find out sometime this year when Horizon Forbidden West is released for PS5 and PS4.

Source: GamesRadar

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