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According to a new study by Massey University in New Zealand, there is no general connection between video games and violent behavior. 28 previous studies were re-examined to create a meta-analysis.

Is there a connection between violent behavior and playing video games? This question comes up again and again. However, according to a new study by Massey University in New Zealand, playing computer games generally does not lead to greater willingness to use violence.

No connection between video games and violent behavior

Researcher Aaron Drummond from Massey University in New Zealand reviewed 28 previous studies on the subject that had been carried out in previous years and created a so-called meta-analysis. This shows a statistically existing but negligible connection between games and aggression below the threshold that is necessary to be considered even as a "small effect".

"Therefore, current research is unable to support the hypothesis that violent video games have a long-term and predictive impact on youth aggression," said the study by Aaron Drummond.

Even a long-term effect of frequent consumption of violent games should not lead to higher aggressive behavior on the part of consumers. "The long-term effects of violent games on young people's aggression are close to zero. We encourage both individual scientists and professional organizations such as the American Psychological Association to comment on the extremely low relationship between violent games and youth aggression observed in" longitudinal studies "." , the authors of the study report said in conclusion.

So there can be a connection between playing violent games and youth aggression. But these cases are negligible. According to the study, it can therefore not be said in general that such games necessarily lead to increased aggressive behavior.

Source: The Guardian

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