PvP is always one thing in Destiny 2: there are players who love it and there are players who hate it. A very special peak activity for fans of PvP battles is the Trials of Osiris, which are usually open from Friday to Tuesday of a week. These were surprisingly deactivated prematurely by the developers at Bungie on February 28, 2021, without any great explanation. "There is a problem," tweeted the Destiny 2 creators on the help account.

Which problem will not be revealed. But the passionate community of Destiny 2 can already guess how the hare will run. There is a rumor of win-trading, which probably not only PC custodians have used.

What are the trials of Osiris?

In this PvP activity from Destiny 2 (buy now € 8.94 ), which is activated on Fridays at the end of the week, teams of three compete against each other and try to get their points card to flawless with as many victories as possible and preferably no losses. After three losses, a group is eliminated, while seven wins on one card mean the maximum. In the tests, power advantages are activated, i.e. the higher the power level of the player, the more dangerous they are.

The trials of Osiris (Trials of Osiris) are, depending on which type of player you ask, the most popular or the most hated content of Destiny 2. Because the developers of Bungie put some of the visually and playfully desirable items behind the exam barrier – who she wants to have, inevitably has to play the exams. But since the PvP in Destiny 2 is still not played on dedicated servers, but like all other content also via peer to peer, lags and other unfair advantages occur again and again, depending on how strong the connection to the host is.

What about win trading and the Häkke emblem?

The Destiny 2 community assumes that the final tests resulted in win-trading between players who had equipped the Häkke emblem. Anyone who was willing from the outset to voluntarily exchange their victory or defeat in the exams in order to get a flawless card without any problems or to provide it to others, equipped the mentioned emblem. The players with the emblem then rolled at the beginning of a match, which group wins and which loses. The winners then took the kills without resistance from their opponents, the losers exchanged the loser card with another character on their account. Redditor Ekser12 explains in the now blocked post from pengu1ntank what was probably going on.

TrialsReport's rolling data reported that on the weekend of February 26-28, 2021, around 50 percent of gamers on PC achieved Flawless, which seemed a bit high to them. When they took a closer look at their data, it turned out that almost 50 percent of these players did not even register a kill on the map (via My MMO).

If everything went right at the trials, these numbers would be highly unrealistic.

What happens now That’s up for debate. PvP has always been a construction site in Destiny 2. The developers have already announced that they will do something against unfair methods want to undertake that will be used by the players directly on the battlefield. In season 15, the Trials and Competitive mode will take action against Three-peeking seized: "In these modes, gestures are disabled and players cannot take out a third-person view weapon that has no ammunition." The strength of stasis will also be examined in the context of seasons 13 and 14, for example Colossus Titans lose some of their super damage reduction. Also important in any Destiny 2 PvP mode: "For Season 15, we're also looking at universal stasis adjustments to increase damage reduction when frozen to give the victim a higher chance of survival." This also goes hand in hand with tuning for less-used light foci.

The question now arises: what will happen to the exams of Osiris until then?

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