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The action MMORPG Bless Unleashed should now also appear on the PC after the launch for Xbox One in March. Specifically, the release of the Free2Play title on Steam is planned for "Early 2021". Crossplay between Xbox One and PC could follow at a later date.

The online role-playing game appeared in March 2020 Bless Unleashed exclusively for Xbox One. With the im September 2019 Bless Online discontinued the title hardly had anything in common, and by "hardly" we mean only the universe of Bless and with it of course some locations and characters. While Bless Online was developed by Neowiz for the PC, the developers of Studio Round 8 sit at Bless Unleashed.

And the team has just announced that Bless Unleashed will lose its Xbox exclusivity and should also appear on PC (Steam) in early 2021. A official website for the PC-Version as well as a Steam product page already exists. In terms of content, the PC version – apart from adaptations for the interface, system options and similar things – should not differ from the console version. Bless Unleashed also uses a Free2Play payment model on PC, a combo-based, action-packed combat system that is tailored to the controller, and an open world with dozens of quests, dungeons or a settlement system.

"We are absolutely thrilled and excited to announce that we are preparing to launch our Bless Unleashed PC platform", says the developers. "Bless Unleashed is a dynamic, combat-focused, huge open world MMORPG, and our players can explore the world of Bless Unleashed and experience the treacherous and threatening dungeons with other friends and enemies directly from their PC. Bless Unleashed is not just going to We are also preparing to offer the game on Steam and, and our players can look forward to the developers of Bless Unleashed, Round8 Studio working with Neowiz to ensure smooth and in-depth communication with ours Will focus on providing users with the highest quality gaming experience and services that meet the needs of our players. "

Below is the announcement trailer for the PC version of Bless Unleashed:

Bless Unleashed: Announcement trailer of the PC version of the MMORPG

How does it look: Are you in the mood for another online role-playing game with an action-packed combat system and Free2Play model? Let us know in the comments!

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