With Scarlet Nexus, Bandai Namco sends you into a dystopian future in which the world is threatened by brain-eating monsters. I had the opportunity to play the action role-playing game beforehand. What you should know about it, I’ll briefly summarize for you in the preview.


After we had the chance to get a taste of the world of Scarlet Nexus for about three hours, one thing is clear – it is fun!

Scarlet Nexus is not an open world game, but the more you progress in the story of the game, the more the game world unfolds and releases numerous places. The plot is told in a relatively straightforward manner, but numerous supporting characters offer various quests that allow you to look deeper into the story of Scarlet Nexus.

The action role-playing game is a mixture of NieR Automata and Devil May Cry, but with a lot of anime elements. In the third-person perspective, you move through fairly linear level tubes, in which you repeatedly encounter smaller groups of opponents. In the real-time battles you then have to combine the classic attacks of your weapons with the supernatural attacks of your psyker skills. It is particularly important to use your given strength to be tactical in the battles and exploit opponents’ weak points. That might sound difficult at the beginning, but the game is very forgiving and lets you learn to use it quickly.

If you like the basic gameplay, you can go to Scarlet Nexus futuristisches Japan, psychic abilities, countless combos and a world around you that you can turn into your mighty weapon.

Scarlet Nexus: You are part of a special unit

In Scarlet Nexus you either slip into the role of Yuito Sumeragi, the energetic recruit and son of a renowned family of politicians or as Kasane Randall, a mysterious recruit whose powers and skills are notorious.

But no matter which character you choose, your job is Fight monsters called “The Others”. Attacks with conventional weapons such as shield and sword can hardly harm the monsters, however, more extreme methods are required. The only hope of coming against them are those with psychic powers – Psioniker.

In the human brains of the psykers there is a hormone that the carriers psychic powers confers. Now, as AAS (other defense force), they form the last line of defense to protect people. However, the use of their skills is associated with great pain, which they cover up with masks and hoods.

Scarlet Nexus in the preview: This is how the new action role-playing game plays

Yuito relies on it on his swordthat he can use in the classic way or, thanks to his telekinesis, throw it to carry out large-scale attacks. His fighting style is not limited to his weapon alone, he can also use objects in his vicinity to deal a lot of damage to his opponents.

Kasane uses telekinesis just like Yuito, but also has it little origami birdswith which she keeps her opponents at a distance. As usual in JRPGs, you unlock more and more team members in the course of the game, who you can add to your party. If your relationship with other defense team members is good enough, you can borrow that character’s ability to try out more attacks and combos. Her skills include ice, fire, and teleportation, for example. If you use one of these, for example, your origami birds will become stronger and thus allow more powerful attacks on opponents.

(Image: Bandai Namco)

I chose the very cool Kasane Randall. The controls are simple and the attacks are easy to carry out. However, it is important to ensure that you enough energy for your ability have available. With a few normal attacks, however, the bar is quickly refilled and ready for use.

Preview of Scarlet Nexus: The story is learned bit by bit

Not much is known about the actual plot of the game. What is certain, however, is that both Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall play a key role in the fight against “the others”. The storylines of both characters should be gradually interwoven and so the complete picture and the secrets of a brainpunk future full of technology and decipher psychological abilities.

First conclusion on Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus took me to a futuristic Japan, whose streets and people I was able to get to know in real life. And while the game is very inspired by western sci-fi, there are numerous places that reflect the culture of Japan in all its glorywhat I particularly liked.

I was also offered quite a bit of action, be it in the tutorial or on the streets of Japan in the actual game. But the role-playing elements were not neglected either. In fact, Scarlet Nexus is relatively story-heavy, with many anime-style sequences, including a little friendship and maybe even a crush or two among the characters.

At 69.99 euros, the game is not a bargain, but Bandai Namco has a lot to offer here and thanks to the two playable characters, Scarlet has Nexus great replayability.

Although a co-op mode almost imposes itself thanks to the two different characters, Scarlet Nexus is a single player game. It is not yet known whether a multiplayer version will follow.

(Image: Bandai Namco)

Play the demo and get bonuses

You will soon have the opportunity to get a taste of the game. Here you can read the stories of the two protagonists Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall play until the “first big encounter” and try out your special powers.

  • Demo for Xbox: Ab 21. Mai 2021
  • Demo for PlayStation: Ab 28. Mai 2021

If you have created save games for the demo edition, you can check out the following Secure cosmetic and useful portable plug-ins and use in the full game:

(Image: Bandai Namco)

Yuito Story Bonus: Rabbit ears mask (white), plug-in “Forcefield: Mk II” (strengthens your defense)

(Image: Bandai Namco)

Kasane Story Bonus: AAS Standard Issue Pack (black), plug-in “Power Inhance: Mk II” (strengthens your attacks)

Scarlet Nexus is expected to be released on June 25, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S and can already be pre-ordered. Get the PS4 and Xbox One version a free upgrade for the next-gen consoles.