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If you want more "old school" games that focus fully on a clearly delineated solo experience without MMO elements or microtransactions, you should definitely keep an eye on Biomutant from THQ Nordic and Experiment 101.

In the last decade, developers and publishers have been trying more and more to develop games that keep us gamers long-term and that promise high earnings for months or even years through in-game shops, micro transactions and Season Pass.

Games that just want to offer us the best possible solo game experience over a foreseeable period of time for a clearly defined price fall by the wayside. If you want such "old school" games more often, you should definitely keep an eye on Biomutant from THQ Nordic and Experiment 101.

The action RPG is based on a mythical, post-apocalyptic setting, a design that is as fresh as it is wonderfully bizarre, an open world that wants to give us players a lot of freedom, and a martial arts combat system with various gadgets.

In an interview with Well played (via PC games) Creative Director Stefan Ljungqvist recently revealed that the story could be played in about ten hours, but most players will spend a lot more time in the eight by eight square kilometer world. He also stated that it was in Biomutant (buy now for € 119.99) will not give microtransactions. However, he would like to develop further content in the form of an add-on or DLC if the sales figures are successful:

"Our focus is currently on completing the game and first of all realizing the desired quality. Hopefully after that we deserve the right to add more content. But we definitely won't have any microtransactions in our game."

According to Ljungqvist, there will only be a release date if the developers can foresee that they can definitely keep it. After all, you have that final stage of development of biomutant already reached.

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Biomutant: New trailer shows 10 minutes of fantastic gameplay

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