Activision Blizzard criticized for portraying women in games

from Andreas Bertits
Journalist Brendan Sinclair criticizes Activision Blizzard for failing to adequately portray women in games in the past decade.

Ten years ago, journalist Leigh Alexander von Gamasutra indicated that Activision apparently had a problem with heroines or strong women in the games. Women were actually only represented in Barbie games. According to a developer of the True Crime series, the third installment in the series was originally supposed to get an Asian heroine, but Activision management stated that women would not sell well as main characters. The company denied this at the time. However, in the ten years since then, has been on the front lines of strong women in games of Activision Blizzard not really done anything.

Where are the heroines in Activision's games? journalist Brendan Sinclair says: "To be frank, it's not a great track record. But Activision apparently took the criticism calmly, formulated a plan and ignored women even more in the coming decade found only four Activision games with female characters, all of which are licensed. In October 2012, Activision released Bratz Fashion Boutique and Lalaloopsy: Carnival of Friends for 3DS on the same day. In October 2014, Activision released the multiplatform action game The Legend of Korra and its 3DS strategy game counterpart every few weeks. That's it for the Activision games and the female protagonists. "

Brendan Sinclair explains that although women were featured in Destiny and female fighters also appear in Call of Duty: Ghosts, there is no game that a heroine can boast. According to the journalist, this is because Activision Blizzard is no longer developing as many as it used to be. Instead, the company focuses on a few games, but then all the more money is invested in them. This in turn means that there is a great risk of developing games and therefore playing it safe. This means that according to market research, male heroes are more popular than female. So we mainly get to see men as protagonists.

"And if that's the 'pole star' a publisher follows, the focus of games on characters from traditionally underrepresented groups will be one of the first things to get lost," said Brendan Sinclair.


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