On Thursday was Blizzard Entertainment victim of one DDoS attack, which is why players were occasionally unable to log into the Battle.net launcher for hours. Now the developer has the problem under control again.

How did the DDoS attack on Blizzard come about?

In a statement, the company revealed that the attack took place, among other things, via the verified Twitter account of Blizzard customer service. In addition, a “Breaking News” is to be included in the Battle.net-Launcher caused problems. Anyone who was able to log in during the attack may have seen the corresponding message on the PC.

DDoS attack over – Blizzard services are back to normal

Blizzard struggled with difficulties for almost twelve hours. Now players should be able to log in normally again. All Activision and Blizzard titles were affected by the attack – including World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Call of Duty: Warzone and Hearthstone. If you are still having problems, take a look at the Support page throw.

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