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Activision Blizzard launched King's Council, a handpicked group of players who are asked to provide feedback on their games to help optimize the company's advertising strategy. Below is the news and press release.

According to a recent Nasdaq report Activision Blizzard could face double-digit sales losses in 2019 – Time to rethink corporate strategies. On Monday, Activision Blizzard Media, the advertising and media arm of Activision Blizzard (including the parent company of the very successful mobile game developer King Digital Entertainment), launched the King's Council, a research group that consists of around 5,000 of its most committed and active players in the The United States and the United Kingdom.

The goal of the campaign is to conduct audience research and test ad content and formats with real players to ensure that King’s monetization efforts do not interfere with the gaming experience. It will also help King test new ideas before making large investments.

"Marketing activities that could affect players' perception of our games are deadly hits"says Jonathan Stringfield, vice president and global director of Marketing, Measurement and Insights at Activision Blizzard Media.

King recruits for the group players who meet certain seasons and other selection criteria via a popup in one of King's advertising-supported games such as "Candy Crush" or "Farm Heroes Saga". After signing up, members can give feedback via surveys and get access to a community forum where they can chat with other King Superfans. For the most part, participation is encouraged through in-game in-game rewards. You can read the original press release here,

Candy Crush Soda Saga – New York trailer for a mobile hit

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