Sexism in the gaming industry is unfortunately not uncommon, as the Riot case shows. What is just about to happen in the court case against Activision Blizzard, however, goes beyond the previously known details about the broken working atmosphere in the offices of the video game manufacturers. In addition to allegations of sexual harassment, there are misogyny, racism, allegations of rape and even a suicide in which a supervisor of the victim is said to be involved.

What is behind the allegations, we will surely find out in the next weeks and months, in which the process continues. However, the comments made by some former employees on the matter confirm many of the allegations, particularly those relating to sexual harassment. The tweets of some of the victims have given other women the courage to speak up about what has happened in connection with sexual assault. A By render non-return has summarized some of the tweets:

Stephanie Krutsick, Game Master, Senior Game Master, Producer. Was employed by Blizzard for 13 years and left the company in April 2020.

Terra Field, Senior Systems Engineer. Was employed for four years and a month. Left Blizzard in January 2019.

Cronym, had obviously not a good time at Blizzard

Kayla Glover, Overwatch Esports. Was employed for three years and three months, leaving Blizzard in January 2021.

Nicki Broderick, various positions as project manager. Worked at Blizzard for six years and ten months. Left the company in April 2019.

Kylethatkyle, social media content producer for the Overwatch League. Was employed for a year and two months. Left Blizzard in November 2018.

Jennifer Klasing, Game Master and Game Designer. Seven years and two months at Blizzard. Has not worked for the company since November 2018.

Alex, PR Writer, Social Media Manager, Blizzcon Contest Manager. Was at Blizzard for five years. Left the company in 2018.

Neleimour, translator for the Spanish client, associate community manager. Was employed for seven years and six months. The collaboration ended in November 2020.

Caden, Game Master, Assistant Community Manager. Three years and a month at Blizzard. Went in April 2019.

Cher Scarlett, software engineer. Employed a year and a month. Left the company in August 2016.

Steph, Producer, Program Manager, Senior Program Manager, Senior Product Manager. Almost twelve years at Blizzard, not since January this year.

Joshua Ehlers, Technical Writer for Customer Support & Service Technologies. Was employed for six years and four months, not since October 2020.

Bret Forbus, Community Manager. Been with Blizzard for three years. Left the company in October 2018.

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