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Not only are more and more women playing video games, the majority of them are mothers. This area has so far been neglected, which is why Activision Blizzard wants to better understand these playing mothers with a study.

A study which Activision Blizzard carried out in collaboration with Alter Agents, provided interesting insights into the survey of 4,002 playing and 3,200 non-playing mothers.

Interesting insights about playing mothers

Key results include:

  • Over two-thirds of the mothers said they were involved in video games, both on tablets, on consoles and on the PC
  • 48% of "gaming moms" actually call themselves gamers
  • Over 90% of mothers play cellphone games at least weekly and around 74% play cellphone games daily
  • 59% of women play "when I want to relax"
  • 45% of mothers feel that they can more easily identify with their children
  • 57% of playing mothers say they are happier than non-playing mothers
  • 45% of gaming moms have hope for their children's future

Playing mothers make up the majority of all mothers, according to the study. Aside from their gaming passions, this group consumes more entertainment and social media than non-gamer mothers. You play on a variety of platforms, including on your cell phone but also on your PC or console. This passion for entertainment also means that they invest money in entertainment technology.

The habits of playing mothers are also interesting:

  • 57% of mothers have paid for a streaming / entertainment subscription in the past 12 months
  • 33% of mothers regularly watch content via "binge watching"
  • 76% of women use social media every day
  • Gambling mothers consume 30% more social media content than non-gamers
  • 57% of women believe that "entertainment improves my mood"
  • 39% of mothers use entertainment as social behavior
  • 30% of "gamer moms" believe that entertainment technology brings people closer together
  • 36% of playing mothers say, "I love looking for new products and entertainment."

"Gamer Moms" play so often:

  • Whenever I have a few moments to myself (45%)
  • If I want to relax (59%)
  • If I want to improve my mood (19%)
  • To get in touch with friends, children, partners or to get in touch with others (37%)

These are the preferred platforms:

  • 74% of the playing mothers play mobile games every day
  • 38% of playing mothers play PC / laptop games every day
  • 33% of the playing mothers play console games every day

For Germany, 28% of mothers also stated that they played at least 10 hours a week.

This opens up an interesting target group that companies like Activision Blizzard will probably want to tap into in the future.

Source: press release

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