According to the artist Clayton Haugen, Activision stole a character for Call of Duty from him and did it without going too far. That's why he's now suing the publisher.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The author and photographer Clayton Haugen is pursuing a lawsuit against Activision. He accuses the publisher of having copied a character he developed and integrated it as an operator in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

As Torrent freak reports, Haugens developed the character "Cade Janus" years ago for a film pitch and took pictures of the character with a model. Cade Janus should be loud of the application Copied by Activision and Infinity Ward and published as the operator Mara.

The model for Cade Janus was Alex Zedra, here is a picture of her as the character of Haugen:

The inclined Call of Duty gamer, gamer, may have noticed, if not by the name Alex Zedra, that the model is actually the person behind the Call of Duty character Mara. On all advertising banners for Season 1 of Modern Warfare and of course In the game itself, Alex Zedra embodies the operator Mara.

In principle, Activision can of course hire the same model as Haugen, but the complaint states that Activision would have:

  1. Haugen's photos were used by Cade Janus as a template for the exact look of their own pictures
  2. hired the same model who posed for Haugen's photos
  3. asked the model to ask Haugen about the same clothes and equipment she wears in the Cade Janus photos
  4. hired the same stylists who styled the model for Haugen's Cade Janus photos
  5. instructed her to style the model the same way as for Haugen's Cade Janus photos
  6. instructed her to style the model's hair the same as that used for Haugen's Cade Janus photos and use the same hair extension
  7. photographed the model and made a 3D scan using Haugen's Cade-Janus photos as a template

Various sample images are enclosed with the font, the photos of Compare Cade Janus and Mara and should show how identical both characters are.

On the left a photo of Clayton Haugen and on the right a picture of the CoD character Mara. (Image: Clayton Haugen // Activision)

Haugen's character Cade Janus is the protagonist of his story “November Renaissance” and he sees himself as the creator of both, as well as the photos. He sues because of the violation of his rights as an author. He therefore demands To receive the profits Activision was able to make from this copyright infringementbecause these only came about through his work. Activision has not yet commented on the allegations.