Adjusted blade vertebrae and between the eyes

from Karsten Scholz
The developers of Blizzard have taken on the outlaw villains with the latest beta build and implemented changes for the important skills Blade Flurry and Between the Eyes. The aim of the adjustments is that you can better benefit from the attacks when fighting against multiple opponents.

With the freshly installed build for the beta of WoW: Shadowlands, various class adjustments have landed in Azeroth again this time. Some of these changes affect skills Blade vortex and Between the eyes the lawlessness villains.

in the official WoW forum Community Manager Kaivax explains the designers' goal:

  • Assassins and deception villains have an easy way to apply their poisons to multiple targets with the dagger fan or shuriken storm. That was not the case with lawlessness. The latter should change.
  • If you activate Blade Vortex, there is now a chance with every blow that you will torment the targets hit with your poisons.
  • Furthermore, the effect of Between the Eyes has been adjusted. Up until now, with the new version of the finishing move, you cause damage and cause increased crit damage to your target for a certain period of time. In the future, however, the finisher will increase your critical hit chance by 20 percent for up to 15 seconds. From now on it is possible to extend the debuff to a second target using blade vortices.

Hopefully further adjustments to the outlaw will follow. His mastery scales poorly in its current form, Dice of Fate is too expensive and unnecessarily slows down the style of play with the global cooldown, and some talents like Retractable Hook are too weak compared to the other options. A big construction site is currently also still the pact skills. The jagged bone spine of the Necrolords, which was very strong some time ago, has been weakened to the ground. Echoing criticism causes enormous damage with the right conduit, but feels very out of round thanks to the random factor.

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