Recently, something like a ghost of the past emerged: StarCraft: Ghost was supposed to be the first shooter release of the strategy classic, but was never completed. Suddenly there is previously unknown picture material.

StarCraft: Ghost was planned for the PS2, Xbox and the GameCube, but apart from the announcement from 2002 and an E3 presentation in 2005, there was only one other message about the game, namely the end of development.

In fact, the game was never really deleted, but rather just "On hold" set, However, that was in 2006 and nothing has happened about StarCraft: Ghost since then. However, that has changed recently.

As Kotaku reports, has been found an Xbox Dev Kit of the game and launched it on a modded Xbox 360, This resulted in some visual material that shows what the game would have looked like. The 12-minute video from the Kotaku article is already offline again, but there is another, somewhat shorter video on YouTube.

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In one Thread on ResetEra the video material is already being discussed. Users suspect that it is a version of the game from 2004. The gameplay was still at an early stage of development, but you can guess what StarCraft: Ghost could have been like.

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Over 15 years ago, Blizzard hadn't had much experience with shooters, so StarCraft: Ghost would have been more of a pilot project for the company. Do you think it could have been a good game anyway? Write your opinion in the comments.