Those who fight their way through to the end game in Diablo 2 will not only be rewarded with powerful equipment but also with a supposedly useless item. In the new edition Diablo 2: Resurrected, the mysterious standard of the heroes finally has a purpose.

Defeating the two bosses Diablo and Baal on the highest level of difficulty, Hell, is by no means the greatest challenge in Diablo 2. Particularly motivated players can try their hand at the Pandemonium event.

To do this, a number of rare items must first be collected and bosses defeated, in order to finally find a secret portal Uber Tristram to open. Your final challenge is there Uber Mephisto, Uber Diablo and Uber Baal defeat the strongest opponents in the entire game.

Anyone who is up to the fight will with one H√∂llenfeuerfackel rewarded, one of the best items in Diablo 2. However, you also get one for the victory Standard of the heroes and that has been causing question marks over people’s heads for 20 years.

While the Hellfire Torch offers immense bonuses to skills and resistances, the standard of the heroes has no effect at all. It is just an item in your inventory, without any effects, a kind of certificate, so to speak, that you have survived the Pandemonium event.

Our tips & tricks for a good introduction to Diablo II: Resurrected summarized in a video guide:

Standard of Heroes finally has a use

For 20 years, fans puzzled what this strange item was all about. There could be a secret crafting recipe or the item is needed for an event that is in a future update. The second assumption has now more or less been confirmed.

Diablo 2: Resurrected is not only playable on the PC, but for the first time also on consoles. On the PlayStation this means that you can unlock trophies. One of these trophies has the tongue-in-cheek title: “It has a purpose!” and asks you to receive the standard of the heroes.

So if you want to earn the coveted platinum trophy on the PlayStation, you either have to contest the challenging Pandemonium event or trade with other players for the standard. In this way, after all this time, the useless item could become a coveted item for exchange for console gamers. So if you’ve played Diablo 2 yourself in the last few years and reached the endgame, hopefully you’ve picked up your standard of heroes.