25 years after the first Resi part was published, the True Director’s Cut is finally a version that really contains all of the content created for the game. We’ll tell you where you can get them.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil 8 Village is about to be released. However, that’s not the only thing that Resi fans can look forward to at the moment. For the first time since the first part of the series was published, you have the opportunity to do the same with all content to play.

Resident Evil: Fan simply makes the uncut version himself

Als Resident Evil in 1996 reached the western market, the game differed in several ways from the Japanese version. Although the game was distributed here as a “Director’s Cut”, none of the content of the Japanese version made it into the game. Until now – the Resi fan Deli295 it has set itself the task of changing this.

25 years after the game was released, the game is now here „True Director’s Cut“. What Capcom failed to do has now become a reality – all the content that was ever made for Resident Evil is now in a fan-made version of the game. For you this means: you can now see content that was previously only available in Betas, demos or the Japanese version were to be found familiar.

There are also demo and beta content in the “Real” Director’s Cut Made it by Deli295. If you are interested in the fan project, you can go to Romhacking.net look at. The contents compiled so far are also listed there:

This small project aims to restore content from the different versions of the game, such as: B. the beta, trial, or the original Japanese versions including:

  • The original uncut cut scenes from the Japanese version, together with the full-color opening scene from the French and German director’s cut version.
  • The bathroom of the villa from the beta version from 01/31/1996, in which you can record an additional clip after the water was turned off in Jill’s scenario.
  • A wall message written in blood on the right stairs on the 2nd floor of the mansion, from the Japanese trial version of the game.
  • An unknown track in the main hall on the 2nd floor of the villa, in the scene in which Jill meets Barry again (“it’s reeaally powerful”), from the beta version of January 31, 1996 (only in easy and original mode).

Resident Evil also landed on the index with some parts:

As you can see, you should no content fireworks expect. However, the project is far from over. Deli295 itself writes that further content is to be restored and compiled. Who knows – maybe he’ll make another incredible discovery along the way.