Even years after the release of Breath of the Wild, Zelda players can still find new secrets in the hit RPG. This also includes a treasure chest that is so difficult to reach that it simply cannot be opened. But one persistent player has now achieved the impossible.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Zelda chest opened after years: It takes a lot of skill

Breath of the Wild players have been grappling their teeth with a curious treasure chest for years and even professionals could not beat it. What makes this treasure chest so special?

It is located in Aris Beach and only appears when you are within a radius of around 80 meters. After the appearance, however, the chest begins to sink, only to disappear again after about seven seconds. BOTW-Expert * in Kleric, however, persisted and in the end did the impossible.

(Bild: Screenshot@YouTube / Kleric)

Using Links Cryomodule the player manages to get under the surface of the game world. With an impressively fluid change between the various modules and the rapid firing of arrows, it prevents the chest from sinking. Then he pulls it with the magnet module up onto the ice platform he’s standing on.

How it all looked in the game, he shows you in a video:

Zelda: What’s hidden in the chest?

This chest was left unopened for four years. You should expect a real treasure to be hidden in it! The truth doesn’t look so brilliant, however. As a reward for his efforts, he only gets a small amber – this type of stone is found quite often in the game.

Nonetheless, he did something great and maybe even satisfied the curiosity of millions of gamers. In any case, the community is rightly so enthusiastic about his video.

BotW hides many secrets:

After four years, the last unopened chest in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has finally been opened. What do you think of the player’s performance and what do you think of the reward? Visit us on Facebook and write us your opinion in the comments.