After 6 1/2 years, Hearthstone is what I imagined it to be

Over the years I have mutated into a typical WoW player who also tried other games here and there, but has meanwhile lost himself so much in Blizzard's MMORPG that "learning" new games is very rare. But even if WoW has a lot to offer, there are the usual content holes.

Hearthstone (buy now € 0.00 ) has mostly fitted in well as a change from WoW, Diablo and PUBG as a short after-work chatter, due to the constant content, Blizzard's card game became boring at some point. After countless seasons, the standard metagame was worn out, just like the arena, which didn't inspire me for long. Later highlights were the dungeon runs. Especially dungeon runs like the witch forest and goblins & catacombs were my highlights. I also spent a lot of time with Graves of Horror and Rasthakan's Rambazamba, but these modes were also "played through" at some point. The following dungeon runs or solo campaigns couldn't really convince me anymore.

Over the years I have asked myself "Does Blizzard actually not want to print any money through new game modes, unlocking new hero portraits or similar?". To me it apparently looked like you could make a lot of money with little effort. In the recently published Developer interview with Senior Game Designer John Yang My assumption was confirmed in this regard: The team actually wants to implement a lot of ideas, but besides designing and balancing new sets, brawls and solo adventures, there is simply no time for it.

Hearthstone: Cinematic Trailer Introduces New Duel Mode

With the battlefield mode, the developers have already created something with which I can finally let off steam again in Hearthstone without having to play for hours or spend money to be competitive. With the latest updates for the upcoming Darkmoon Madness expansion, there is now even a real progression and quest system, which replaces the completely old-fashioned quest design. In addition, if I get bored of battlefields for whatever reason, I can switch to the new Duels game mode. Finally! Hearthstone is finally what I imagined when it was released in March 2014!

And another game mode for Hearthstone has been announced for mid / late November, but we don't know about it yet. I secretly hope that this will introduce a co-op mode. Already in All against Mechazod or Return of the Pinion Master it put me in an incredible mood to find the perfect synergies between my deck and that of my teammate – even if it was sometimes difficult without real communication. In this mode, too – as in the other areas – simple mechanics would be important.

The magic word is "rotation"

I can't answer why it took almost seven years until Hearthstone finally had something to offer every player across several game modes, and why it didn't get boring in the long run. That has been lacking time for so many years … well. The simple trick to keeping various modes fresh is the simple rotation of sets, heroes and maybe now also quests and achievements, which you can deal with on the side via the new progression system. If these hero and set rotations are maintained and the modes are balanced, I'll see myself permanently back in Hearthstone between Diablo seasons and WoW content breaks.

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