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Again, beta testers in WoW: Burning Crusade Classic have gone to the raid instance Karazhan to challenge the bosses based there. How heavy is Karazhan in the pre-nerf state? We’ll tell you!

You must have noticed: As a Blizzard for the first time on the Beta server from WoW: Burning Crusade Classic for testing Karazhan invited, there were problems with tuning some bosses. In other words: Some of the villains had values ​​and mechanics that only existed in the form in the original Burning Crusade after some attenuations had been implemented. The fights were therefore fairly easy across the board. The developers had promised pre-Nerf bosses at BlizzCon!

So Blizzard promised improvement and enabled the beta testers to visit Karazhan again. And now of course the exciting question is: How difficult is Karazhan with pre-Nerf bosses? Well, not really harder. There is one exception that could be a headache for many raid groups. Here are the findings from the second Karazhan test:

  • First of all: Yep, all bosses should now have the original values ​​and mechanics.
  • In the fight against Aran’s Schemes, for example, the elementals now had significantly more health than in the first test. In addition, the blizzard now took up significantly more space, which made it harder to avoid it. Furthermore, Aran now used his flame breath, which causes high damage to characters. Even so, the struggle was not perceived as difficult by many groups. The damage of many raids was so great that you could even neglect to interrupt the spell without running the risk of the boss’s mana pool reaching dangerous zero before it goes down.
  • In the fight against Moroes it was still possible to simply pull together boss and adds and bomb all opponents away.
  • With Nethergroll there were some wipes because players didn’t know the mechanics yet, and because the boss (thanks to a bug) sometimes attacked healers 40 meters away (!) With melee attacks, even though both tanks were in the top position in the aggro. Without a bug and after all players had seen the beam mechanics live and in color, the kite was then fast.
  • The bottom line is that ten out of eleven bosses are still fairly easy and can be done with two healers.
  • The great exception is the horror of the night. In the original version, it summons skeletons that only take physical or holy damage. Anyone who has only packed sorcerers, magicians and co. (And no Stratholme water) will run into problems. In addition, the damage in general and in the intermediate phases in particular is significantly higher than with the other bosses and so high that even experienced healer duos with the equipment from the beta had great problems keeping the raid alive.
  • In other words: At the moment it looks like you need a class setup for the horror of the night that is rather inefficient for the rest of the raid instance (three healers, more melee).

What about it: Did any of you last try Karazhan in Beta? What were your experiences? Let us know in the comments!

swell: Scottejaye, Reddit

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