After FIFA 20 – Formula 1 professionals also switch to video games

The Spanish league has led the way, and more and more popular sports are continuing their seasons in video games. Now the formula for the official F1 2019 from Codemasters is also changing.

Yesterday, Sunday, the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain was actually on the agenda. But like all sporting events, the Formula 1 season is also in the forced break. However, the organization behind Formula 1 announced with a "Virtual Grand Prix" to continue to offer motorsport to the spectators, just in F1 2019.

In addition to the actual drivers, e-athletes, musicians and athletes from other disciplines also take part in the virtual races. You can see how this looks in this summary of the first race:

The races are over live YouTube streamed. They take place on the days on which the original events should also take place. The races are completely commented on and receive an adequate preliminary and debriefing with a high level of production.

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Spanish Football League will be played at FIFA 20

After the successful game in FIFA 20 between Real Betis and Sevilla, all clubs in the first Spanish league are switching to the video game. La Liga is now taking place in FIFA.

The Spanish steamer Ibai, who commented on the game mentioned for 60,000 viewers on Twitch, made a suggestion on Twitter: The entire first division should continue in FIFA 20. The Tweet went viral and the result is a FIFA tournament with all clubs.

The clubs are still playing internally who can represent them in the tournament. Since major sporting events will not be possible in the near future, it is a nice alternative to see the stars of Real Madrid or FC Barcelona competing against each other in FIFA 20.

You could play the games live on the Twitch channel from Ibai, however, Ibai only comments in Spanish. Perhaps you will still find yourself until then German or English speaking commentators. The Bundesliga could actually do the same thing, right?

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Football on TV and stream: All games are available here (update to Corona)

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Because of Corona: soccer game will be played in FIFA 20 – in front of 60,000 spectators

The Spanish clubs Real Betis and Sevilla should actually be playing a soccer game at the weekend. But as with most sports, game play is on hold. Good thing there is FIFA 20.

To be able to play your game Real Betis and Sevilla chose a champion from their ranks and simply let their game take place in FIFA 20. The striker Borja Iglesias played for Real Betis and Sevilla sent their defender Sergio Reguilón into the match. Both of course played with the digital incarnations of their teams.

On Twitch over 60,000 fans watched the game and they were gifted with a match rich in goals. Real Betis won the game 6-5 at the end. The video of the game is worth it because of the authentically ecstatic commentators.

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In order to slow the spread of the corona virus, sporting events are completely suspended in many countries. So that fans have games that they can follow, they are simply played in video games.

Whether e-sports or classic sports, in most leagues, public tournaments and games have been canceled. But there is one place, even for the really big sport, that does not require masses of people and physical contact: video games.

For example, the NBA team, Phoenix Suns, started simply play their games in NBA 2K20 and then stream it all on Twitch.

The game actually took place on Twitch on Sunday and is as VoD available.

Meanwhile, the Watford Premier League Club decided to host their football game against Leicester in the Football Manager.

Some teams don't even care about the game by letting their duel take place. Hull City and Bayer Leverkusen delivered a spectacular match in a match via Twitter instead of on the soccer field.

They were closer to their actual game FC Barcelona and AS Monaco. The two teams played Rocket League and finally the ball has to go into the goal.

Perhaps even more digital variants of other sports await us in the future. Most have at least one video game counterpart.

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Have Pokémon, Zelda, FIFA and Co. got better in the past 10 years?

Continuing the Bundesliga in FIFA would certainly not be the worst idea. However, these games are more for the fans and of course they have no influence on the actual leagues. What do you say about the alternatives found? Please write us your opinion in the comments.