Currently, fans of the online role-playing game are not just making New World extremely long queues and server problems to accomplish. Since the launch there is again talk of destroyed graphics cards of the RTX 3090 category. We remember: Already During the beta of the MMORPG there were several reports about “bricked” graphics cardswhich at that time was mainly due to an unrestricted frame rate in the New World menu. A few weeks have passed since then, but the problem does not seem to have been completely resolved.

As can be read at, are currently reporting again more and more players about a “bricked” RTX 3090, which during use at New World (buy now 39,99 €) suddenly stopped working and can no longer be made to work afterwards. According to the reports, this happened despite the latest drivers and other security measures such as a limit of 60 frames per second. The players concerned explain that, especially in the New World menu, an extremely high load of the graphics card can still be observed, which leads to an enormous temperature development – and in the worst case to failure of the hardware.

The reports mostly refer to RTX-3090 cards from Gigabyte and EVGA. Sometimes RTX-3080 cards also seem to be affected. Despite the reports, it seems (so far) to be exceptional cases. It should also be noted that the cause is certainly not only to be found in the New World program code, but also partly in the possibly inferior quality of the respective graphics cards. The interaction of these factors can ultimately lead to “bricked” hardware.


New World: Launch-Trailer zum Release

There are again reports of “bricked” graphics cards in connection with New World. (2) [Quelle: Amazon Games]

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