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If there is one streamer on our planet that draws tens of thousands of viewers off the bat, it is Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. After the Microsoft Mixer service was switched off, Blevins tried it out again on both YouTube and Twitch. On his unannounced Twitch stream on August 5th, he drew so many viewers in front of the screen that he promptly took first place.

That was already one of the biggest news of the Stream-o-verse in 2019: The people responsible at Microsoft signed the well-known streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins exclusively – for a lot of money, rumor has it – so that he can stream and stream on the then new platform Mixer ideally brings all of his Twitch fans along. Because Ninja is one of the most successful and popular streamers at all; over 15 million fans followed him on Twitch. At first it didn't go that bad at Mixer, but over time it became clear that Mixer could neither compete with Twitch nor with Youtube Gaming. Mixer was discontinued after only about a year. And where has ninja been hanging around since then?

He'll stop by Youtube Gaming and stream there – or come back to his old home Twitch without any great advance notice. This is what happened on August 5th when he first gambled Fortnite and then switched to Call of Duty: Warzone. From a standing start, Ninja was back at the top of the charts during his gaming session – at times up to 80,000 fans were watching him at the same time. Whether or not Ninja's Twitch streams will become a regular institution again is up for debate; He did not answer any questions in this regard. Tyler Blevins seems to enjoy unbroken popularity; even his flame attack against his own flamers doesn't seem to have changed that.

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