The time has come on November 19th, when the Playstation 5 will also appear in Germany. But pre-orders still don't seem to be sure, because there are again reports of cancellations.

Is your PS5 delivery safe?

The pre-order situation of the PS5 (buy now ) has been quite chaotic so far. Orders started in the middle of the night, the first copies were sold out immediately, and this was no different for other offers. Eventually it came to one Wave of cancellations, as some dealers had sold more copies than they even got from Sony. Now, shortly before the launch of the new console, the orders should be safe, right? Think.

Anyone who has ordered from Media Markt or Saturn via Klarna could experience a nasty surprise. Because according to reports from some buyers, the order was canceled, which should result from the status of the Klarna invoice. Allegedly this is related to the fact that orders via Klarna have to be sent within two months. But there is still a chance to get the console after all. The best thing to do here is to contact Customer Service at Media Markt and Saturn. However, there are also reports that some consoles have been shipped despite this cancellation. In addition, further cancellations, for example from Computer Universe, are expected to come in.

There is also another problem. The retailer Medimax also sends the orders to DHL Packstations – but with the shipping service provider DPD. Of course, that doesn't work, which should mean that those who have had their PS5 sent to a Packstation have to wait longer for their consoles because DPD will probably let them go back to Medimax.

The chaos surrounding the orders for the PS5 does not end shortly before delivery. If you haven't received a console yet, you can try your luck again on November 19th. Then more copies should be available at Medimax, Gamestop and Amazon.

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