With patch 8.3 from WoW, you will be dealing with the two new factions through the introductory quests. A long questline will tell you more about the Uldum Agreement and the Rajani Mogu tribe. If you are not interested in the reputation grind, you cannot avoid the two factions, because only the two races and Furorion give you access to N'Zoth's visions (new scenario) for the first time and finally sacks the legendary cloak Ashjra'kamas, cloth of determination on.

The attacks In the Valley of Eternal Flowers and in Uldum, N'Zoth's attacks take place alternately. As soon as the servants of the Old God take over an area, you have the chance to complete daily quests and world quests there with the Rajani (Valley of the Eternal Blossoms) or the Pact of Uldum (guess where). Their reputation with the two new factions is based on these tasks. You can find out more about the attacks in our article WoW Patch 8.3: Attack on the Valley of Eternal Flowers.

Uldum Agreement

WoW Patch 8.3: The New Factions - Uldum and Rajani Agreements (2)

WoW Patch 8.3: The New Factions – Uldum and Rajani Agreements (2)

Source: Buffed

To arm us against the threat of N'Zoth, Magni recommends that you examine the Titan's defense system against the Old Gods and reactivate it. It was turned off for some reason. Of course, N'Zoth and his corruption are behind it. One of the defenses is in the halls of origin in Uldum. There you have to face some Tol'vir of the Amathet tribe and fight your way to the Titan device. After the defense system is active again, you will meet King Phaoris and the Explorer League. This special purpose community came together to protect Uldir. Despite the activation of the Titan Defense, we are not yet really friends, but if we take out some of N'Zoth's servants, we can join them.

Reputation rewards from the Uldum Agreement

The agreement's quartermaster is at coordinates 54/33 in Uldum. The most interesting rewards are the vulture-mount skywalkers of the desert walkers and the essence badge of joy of death, which is exciting for damage dealers. The Ramkahen Lancer are additional troops that can come back with Corrupted Memory of Missions.

Technology: Contract: Agreement from Uldum – 1,400 gold

Void Tendril Pet Leash (Toys) – 20 Polished Pet Charms and 100 Corrupted Keepsakes

dwarf camel – 300 Polished Pet Charms
Troop Requisition: Ramkahen Lancer – 500 war resources

Tabard of the Uldum Agreement – 240 gold
Skywalkers of the Desert Walkers – 24,000 gold
Badge of joy of death (Essence Rank 3)

The Rajani

WoW Patch 8.3: The New Factions - Uldum and Rajani Agreements (5)

WoW Patch 8.3: The New Factions – Uldum and Rajani Agreements (5)

Source: Buffed

In the valley of the Eternal Blossoms you will meet a long-forgotten Mogu tribe, which, unlike the other Mogu, is friendly to you. They are led by none other than Titan Guardian Ra-den, whom some may still know from the Throne of Thunder. In the southwest he sits bored on his throne in Odin pose. The Quartermaster is right next to it at coordinates 44/75 in the Valley of Eternal Flowers.

At the beginning he is not yet convinced of our abilities, but thankfully we are given the chance to prove ourselves – because we already managed that well in MoP. Similar to Uldum, there is a huge titanium vault under Pandaria, which we enter via the Mogushan Palace. This Titan machine is also infected by N'Zoth. Here we meet other Mogu tribes and especially the Klaxxi, whom we have to deal with before in the dread wasteland. It is hardly surprising that the Klaxxi are again against us. Because that's exactly what they predicted in Mists of Pandaria: "When the Old Gods come back, we'll stand on their side."

Reputation rewards with the Rajani

The highlight of the Rajani reputation rewards are the Rank 3 essence for tank and healer as well as the endless rune, which grants you +60 intelligence, strength or agility for one hour. So far it is not known where the perfect cloud snake scale for the white cloud snake Rajani war serpent is obtained from. You may have to capture several fragments of the Mogu in the Valley of Eternal Flowers, similar to the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent Alani. One of the Paragon rewards is already known: it is the pet jade defender (a mini quilt).

Technique: Contract: Rajani – 1,400 gold

Wind quill – 300 Polished Pet Charms

Rajani tabard – 240 gold
Lightning-Forged Augment Rune – 50,000 gold
Rajani war snake – Flawless Cloud Serpent Scale
Shimmering shard of stars (Essence Rank 3)
Branch of the tapered rings (Essence Rank 3)
Jadeverteidiger (Paragon Reward)

Heavenly Exalted Buffs

WoW Patch 8.3: The New Factions - Uldum and Rajani Agreements (3)

WoW Patch 8.3: The New Factions – Uldum and Rajani Agreements (3)

Source: Buffed

In front of the rift in which the Rajani Quartermaster is, you can activate one of the four statues. These give you useful buffs. Xuen the Tiger transforms you into an image of the Heavenly Exalted for 30 seconds, which among other things allows you to increase your walking speed. In the tiger form, however, it is not possible to interact with objects for quests.

The Ox Niuzao grants you heavy damage every five minutes, which also stuns your opponents for three seconds. By activating the Chi-Ji statue, the crane accompanies you and automatically restores two percent of your health every five seconds. The Cloud Serpent Yu'lon gives you an ability similar to that of Niuzao, but the ability is channeled and you deal area damage over a larger radius (five minute cooldown).

WoW Patch 8.3: The New Factions – Uldum and Rajani Agreements (1) (Source: buffed)

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