from Philipp Sattler
The Wombo app transforms selfies into moving images through the use of AI and at the same time also puts lip-synchronous songs under it. It goes without saying that it doesn't take long for creative WoW players to elevate the heroes of Azeroth to the new generation of Tik Tok stars on reddit.

Technical progress is unstoppable and is getting faster and faster. But this progress is not always used to make people's lives easier or more pleasant. Every now and then it can just be nonsense that makes one or the other smile. And so some developers have created an app that, thanks to sophisticated AI, turns a still image into a video. In the past, programs like this were mainly used to bring historical characters to life. But why not use it all for amusement. The app Wombo Not only does it move the images, it also underlines them lip-synchronously with the right music. Of course the whole thing is far from perfect, but despite the faded look and the pixel errors it can be quite funny.

And of course it didn't take long for the first, creative WoW players to create videos of the heroes from Azeroth. And so Sylvanas, Jaina, Thrall and the jailer soar to become the new stars in the sky of the Tik Tok Stars. And of course Ion Hazzikostas himself should not be missing.

Some may not find this overly funny. But since we almost burst out laughing at times, of course we didn't want to withhold that from you. Here are some of the videos currently floating around on reddit and twitter.

How do you like the videos – funny, boring or even a waste of time?

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