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Queen is the eighth and largest update to date since the release of Albion Online in 2017. The update not only brought a complete overhaul of the continent of the Outlands, but also gives guilds the opportunity to build their own shelter. You can find out what else the boys from Sandbox Interactive have come up with here.

One of the biggest innovations of the Queen update for Albion Online, which is now live, is without a doubt the revision of the continent of Outlands, This is now designed so that the low-level areas are on the outer border and the players then slowly work their way towards the center. The search and navigation should be simplified by uniform prefixes of the territories and more clearly named portal zones.

They are also new shelters, These allow the guilds to build their own bases within the black zones of the game world. The shelters offer guild banks, building sites and can also be expanded. So later you will even have marketplaces, artifacts and guild halls at your disposal.

Albion Online: Developer video for the Queen update

Of course, the Queen update has a lot more to offer. So it is now possible to conquer areas in the Open World in battles. In addition, you can now in the T6 to T8 zones Avalonians challenge. These elite opponents are a huge challenge and require around 15 to 20 players to survive in their dungeons. The items looted here even allow three new Avalonier armor sets to be crafted with incredible magic. The battles on the crystal plane are now over the crystal League organized. Here players can team up and earn great rewards throughout the league.

The Queen update was released on January 20, 2020. You can also check out all the innovations in the official announcement look at. You can find more detailed information in the patch notes,

Albion Online: Dev video for the Outlands update Queen

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Albion Online: Dev video for the Outlands update Queen

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