Der Name Alfred Hitchcock should by no means only be a household name for cineastes and film lovers. After all, the genius director has left a lasting mark on the film world with classics such as Psycho, the window on the courtyard and Vertigo – although the good man has not been with us for over 40 years.

Now there is a desire to immortalize their legacy in video game form. “Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo” is supposed to be a thriller title that is loosely based on the eponymous film. Now publisher Microids published a story trailer and announced the release date of the game.

PC gamers can dive into the abyss of Vertigo this year

Accordingly, “Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo” will be released for the home computer at the end of the year, more precisely on December 16. Those who prefer to go to dizzying heights on consoles have to be patient until 2022. Then the title comes for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series as well as for the Nintendo Switch.

Until then, you can first watch the story trailer embedded here. It already reveals what the game is actually about. The focus is on the writer Ed Miller, survivor of a car accident that took place under Vertigo suffers, i.e. severe attacks of dizziness. Because he has been extremely mentally unstable since the car accident and is convinced that he lost his wife and daughter in the process, he goes to the psychologist Doctor Julia Lomas for treatment. This now has to deal with Miller’s psyche and find out the truth behind the incident.

As mentioned earlier, the game is loosely based on Hitchcock’s masterpiece Vertigo. Topics such as the mind, delusions and obsession should be in the foreground. Publisher Microids describes the title as a “powerful narrative experience” in which players can experience the story from three perspectives and explore different timelines.

Those: Microids

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