Alien 5: script concept for Ripley's return confirmed

from Andreas Bertits
Producer and screenwriter Walter Hill confirmed that actress Sigourney Weaver had offered a screenplay concept for Alien 5. The film is said to be about the return of Ellen Ripley.

Actor Sigourney recently told Weaver that her producer and screenwriter Walter Hill had a 50-page concept for a screenplay Alien 5 offered to return as Ellen Ripley. Walter Hill has now confirmed this. The concept dates from March 2020.

Was it just a dream?

Walter Hill even published the cover of the screenplay concept, which contains some interesting details. Because the story not only comes from him, but also from David Giler. The two already developed the screenplay for Aliens: The Return from 1986. The collaboration between the two seems to indicate that we can expect a sequel to this film.

But what about Alien 3 and Alien: rebirth? On the page from the script concept there is a quote from Edgar Allan Poe: "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream", in German "What we see in time and space is only one Dream in a dream. "

This could be an indication that Alien 3 and Part 4 were just a dream. Another quote in the script concept is "War is Hell," "War is Hell," and was written by William T. Sherman. It is conceivable that the film could be about a war against the aliens.

Walter Hill himself also gives a hint and explains to SYFY Wire: "Sigourney, like she has done from the start, is too modest in her proven ability to pull through the idea – to tell a story that is terrifying kicks a new xenomorph in the butt and represents a meditation on both the universe of the alien franchise and the fate of the character of Lt. Ellen Ripley. "

That means we would see a new alien. The concept of Walter Hill and David Giler is said to differ from that which Neill Blomkamp worked out some time ago as a sequel to Aliens: The Return. It is not clear whether Alien 5 will be shot. The film rights are held by Disney, which tend to produce family-friendly films. And director Ridley Scott also has his own plans for another alien film, which could get in the way of both concepts.

Source: SYFY Wire

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