We're getting to see the well-known alien again in a TV series that is being produced by the Disney-owned TV station FX. Although Disney is on board, it shouldn't be anything suitable for children.

The alien comes to earth

John Landgraf, head of TV broadcaster FX, stated that negotiations are currently underway with Ridley Scott who will act as executive producer on the Alien series. Showrunner is Fargo and Legion developer Noah Hawley, who was also once in discussion about directing a Star Trek film.

The story won't take place in the too distant future and will take place on earth. The series is supposed to mix the horror of the first alien movie with the non-stop action of the second flick and feel like a roller coaster ride that presses the audience into their seats. When we will see the Alien series is not yet certain.

The statement that the series is set on earth in the not too distant future is somewhat unclear. Here the question arises how this fits together with the movies. Alien (buy now € 9.37 ) 1 played in 2122, Aliens: The Return in 2179. That doesn't seem to go with "the not too distant future". In Alien 1, however, nobody on board the spaceship Nostromo knew anything about the creature. But if the TV series takes place before the films and that on Earth too, the aliens should actually already be known. It could of course be a kind of reboot, in which everything happens a little differently than we know from the films so far. We may find out how all of this is explained before the series begins.

Source: Variety

Alien: Modern trailer for the science fiction classic

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Alien 1 and Aliens: Modern trailers of the science fiction classics

Is something going to happen again in the alien universe soon? At least 20th Century Fox recently released two new trailers.

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