The name Alienware is usually heard in connection with complex and large PC systems and laptops for gamers. But now the company is also trying out a mobile console. A prototype is already available and this is strongly reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is currently a loyal companion on long journeys and trips – no wonder, you can easily take anywhere, But it is also often used at home. With larger and heavy PC systems and laptops this is more difficult, but it seems Alienware with UFO to have found a solution.

Sometimes it just doesn't work the way you want.

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Alienware UFO: A take-away PC, please

Alienware is a Dell-owned manufacturer of systems that are specifically tailored to the needs of gamers and their hardware requirements. The company could soon be too make a name for themselves in the console industry, The company's first handheld is so far only one prototypes, mass production or the like are not yet up for discussion – but UFO does make people curious.

UFO is supposed to get an entire PC in a small shell without having to concentrate on mobile architecture, as Razer Edge and Nvidia Shield did. There is also the basic handheld mode and the mode supported by the kickstand, separate from the controller, in which the device connected to a displayto play comfortably from the sofa. Just like with Nintendo's Switch.

"It will be a full PC, so it is the first of its kind. It runs on Windows. It's a PC with a unique case style, ”said Dell's product review manager Ray Watkins.

So you're guaranteed not to miss any.

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The graphics could convince

Although the long-awaited patch for the switch version of The Witcher 3 is currently in the works and should bring some improvements, this title can be used as an example. Although not all of them are dissatisfied with the graphics on Switch and put back that they can play for them on the go, many criticize the graphic difference to ports like the ones for PCs.

This difference could disappear in the air through UFO, because a flexible, small and handy Windows 10 PC, shouldn't allow for big differences if he keeps his promises. More information about UFO will follow in the next few days, we will of course keep you up to date. What do you think of the idea? Could UFO be something for you? Please tell us your opinion in the comments.