All 35 cards in the Darkmoon Races mini-set

of Sebastian Glanzer
At the end of the Year of the Phoenix, the Hearthstone developers are bringing momentum to the expansion rotation and will be releasing a mini-set of 35 cards for the first time on January 21, 21, which can be bought entirely for gold. We show you all 35 new cards in the gallery.

At the end of the year of the year of the phoenix, the developers of Hearthstone publish a Mini set of 35 cards. In keeping with the current expansion Dark Moon Madness, the mini-set also takes place at the Dark Moon Fair. The motto of the set is also the name: Dark Moon Races. Some of the new cards saddle up their various means of transport and compete in the Darkmoon Fair. Unlike the usual expansions, you can buy the whole set for 2,000 gold or spend € 14.99.

The set consists of two class cards, ten double class cards and five neutral servants. Some of the cards have old mechanics from the Year of the Phoenix expansions. In addition to a magic boost, you can look forward to mechanics such as corruption, inactive dangers and new experiments with double-class cards.

Hearthstone: Darkmoon Races: All 35 cards

Hearthstone: All 35 cards of the new mini-set Darkmoon Races (1) (Source: Blizzard)

The three legendary servants have it all. The 5-mana 5/4 servant, envoy Rostfix, for example, mixes three prime servants into your deck through its death rattle effect, while key guardian Ivy (5 mana 4/5) discovers a double class spell with a battle cry and even another copy of it via a spell boost Let magic wander on your hand. Inquisitor Xanesh (5 Mana 3/5) interacts with your Doom cards and uses battle cry to reduce the cost of these cards in both your hand and deck by (2). You can see these and the remaining 35 cards from Darkmoon Races in the gallery.

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