All first-party games are also available for PC

Microsoft mostly only speaks of the Xbox when it comes to games. Does that mean that new titles like Obsidians Avowed or the upcoming RPGs Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 won't be released for the PC? As Microsoft's Phil Spencer explains, PC gamers don't need to worry.

"There is this customer expectation like it is now on the PC, where people don't really question when certain things happen – there may be some timing stuff – but when we deliver a first party game, then it comes to the PC. When we release a first-party game for the PC, it comes to Steam and in our own store. The way we have built this expectation with our customers, "explains Phil Spencer.

This means that all games that come from Xbox Game Studios will also appear for the PC. There could be a little time exclusivity for the Xbox, but the release will definitely be for the PC – and even via Steam.

Phil Spencer went on to say, "I have a good feeling about the games we make and I have a good feeling about the pc. You know, if I were to rewind five years I would keep saying that we are committed to the pc and then got a bunch of eye rolls, and rightly so, because we didn't do a lot, but I think if you look at how we are doing on Steam and Game Pass on PC, we’ve shown our commitment has paid off over time. PC customers may or may not love what we do, but they know we'll do our best when our products launch on both PC and Xbox. "

He also explains that Microsoft doesn't want to force anyone to buy an Xbox. The games should therefore also appear on the PC – or be playable on the Switch or an Android device. So PC gamers don't have to worry that Microsoft will no longer provide them with games in the future.

Source: PCGamer

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