All glory kills in the video

from Felix Schütz
Doom Eternal is uncut, released from the age of 18 – and is known to be bloody damned. Now a video has appeared in which all glory kills against all enemy types can be seen. We have linked the video for you.

In addition to polished gameplay and strong technology, the Doom series is of course also famous for its high level of violence. With Doom (2016), four years ago, id Software even went one better when the developers introduced the controversial glory kill system. This was the first time you could give the demons the rest in particularly bloody animations. The completely revised chainsaw also came with unique animations. And Doom Eternal lays – who is surprised? – in this regard, a few more. The shooter hit, which also scored brilliantly in our test, not only offers significantly more enemy types, but also more glory kills than its predecessor in the same breath. The chainsaw is also used much more often and with the crucible energy sword even a new weapon type with its own kill animations finds its way into the game. Or to put it another way: In Doom Eternal, the shreds fly tremendously. How huge, you can see for yourself now: The Anvil Gaming YouTube channel has published an extensive video (almost 35 minutes!) that covers all glory kills against all types of opponents, including crucible and chainsaw. Have fun?

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Doom Eternal: All bloody glory kills in the video (Source: PC Games)

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