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In his 58th letter from the producer LIVE, Naoki Yoshida spoke for the first time about the upcoming patch 5.3 for Final Fantasy 14. In addition to the continuation of the main scenario and new PvE content, "Reflections in Crystal" will finally allow flying in the ARR zones . We have compiled everything else there is to know about the update for you in this article.

Before Director Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi-P) spoke about Patch 5.3 of Final Fantasy 14, he read a letter he had received from the community. In it, a medical assistant spoke about his fight against COVID-19 and thanked the development team for working on FF14 and the joy and strength that he gains from it in the current situation. A complete translation of the letter will follow at a later date.

Afterwards, Yoshida again emphasized how the current situation is also affecting the development team and the difficulties that are facing it. We will summarize what he had to say in a separate news. How already announcedHowever, patch 5.3 will be released about four weeks later than originally planned, after which the release date will be around mid-July.

With patch 5.3 we can finally fly in the ARR zones.

With patch 5.3 we can finally fly in the ARR zones.

Source: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 14 – Patch 5.3: main scenario

With Patch 5.3, the Shadowbringers story should finally come to an end. To do that Main scenario To be able to play from the new update, the players have to complete the questline around the crystal tower and the task "My little chocobo". There should be enough time for this until the release of Patch 5.3. It also comes with "Sorrow of Werlyt" give new tasks to the chronicles of the new era.

New PvE content

Friends of exciting PvE challenges should get their money's worth again with Patch 5.3. So we will be the new one Dungeon "The Heroes' Gauntlet" approach, which will also be accessible from the start with the "side by side" system. About the new ones exams Yoshida did not want to reveal anything yet. However, one of them will represent the final battle in Shadowbringers history. YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse will also go into the second round and again a raid dungeon for 24 players called "The Puppets' Bunker " Offer.

<img src = "" alt = "The new dungeon "The Heroes' Gauntlet"“/>

The new dungeon "The Heroes' Gauntlet"

Source: Square Enix

Unreal trails and Faux hollows will be a new type of content, with each update scaling some old exams to level 80, allowing players to relive the classic challenges. The exams are only available for a certain period of time. With patch 5.3 we will be there Shiva approach. Those who pass one of the exams can take part in a weekly mini-game (Fox Hollows), in which (depending on how they do it) special rewards await.

A new part of the NieR raid is waiting.

A new part of the NieR raid is waiting.

Source: Square Enix

Revision of the main scenario from A Realm Reborn

As announced in advance, the main scenario is out A realm reborn revised with patch 5.3. Overall, this should be significantly thinned out. Around 13 percent of the questlines will fall victim to the red pencil. In particular, many of the superfluous intermediate steps that were necessary to reach relevant plot points are to be removed. In return, players can look forward to more routine and new item rewards. The revision should cover the entire range from Patch 2.0 to 2.5.

Patch 5.3 – Other innovations

We have summarized all other innovations from the livestream here for you:

  • The wild tribe of the Dwarfs will be available for daily crafting tasks
  • There will be many adjustments to PvE and PvP systems (more details in the next live letter)
  • Artisan will soon be able to do "practice-making" without consuming materials
  • There will be a search for crafting recipes over materials in the inventory
  • There will be new delivery orders
  • Collectibles are completely revised
  • Ishgard restoration: Third phase planned with new items and rewards
  • Weapons of resistance: First upgrade level possible. For this there will be a new instanced zone ("The Bozjan Southern Front"). Like Eureka, this can be entered with 100 players, but works completely differently. The weapons can be upgraded in two ways, the zone is only one of them. We'll learn more about that later.
  • Sky steel tools: Further upgrades possible
  • It will be possible to join another group in the group search with a group
  • World travel will soon also be possible in cross-world groups
  • News Game + gets new chapters
  • New token dealers in the capitals
  • There will be a new menu for the umbrellas
  • To fly will soon be possible in ARR zones (main scenario "The Ultimate Weapon" must be completed)

The dwarves are waiting with new daily tasks.

The dwarves are waiting with new daily tasks.

Source: Square Enix

More information about Patch 5.3 will be expected in a later live letter. As always, we are looking forward to your opinion on the announcements!

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