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In his 60th letter from the producer LIVE, Naoki Yoshida spoke for the first time about the contents of the upcoming patch 5.3, which is expected to reach us in early December. We have summarized for you what he had to say about the update.

Square icon Naoki Yoshida started "60th Letter from the Producer LIVE" with a small preview Patch 5.35coming to Final Fantasy 14 on October 13th. Afterwards he came straight to the point of patch 5.4. This will be the name "Futures Rewritten" carry. After the emotional end of the Shadowbringers story, the Covenant of Dawn looks to a changed and unknown future in the next chapter. Yoshida promised that Patch 5.4 will be released on time this time. For the release, the developers are targeting the first weeks of December. If everything goes well, patch 5.41 will finally reach us in January.

Patch 5.4 “Futures Rewritten” will appear at the beginning of December.

Patch 5.4 “Futures Rewritten” will appear at the beginning of December.

Source: Square Enix

In addition to the continuation of the main scenario, the side mission "The Battle for Werlyt" will also receive a new chapter. The new test in which we are this time the Emerald weapon Being allowed to ask on two levels of difficulty will be part of this story. The Eden Raid is featured in "Futures Rewritten" Eden's promise find its conclusion. To enter it, the main scenario from Patch 5.3 must be completed. With the new Dungeon Matoya's studio small groups will also get their money's worth once again. In his 60th letter from the producer LIVE, Yoshida was only able to present us with a concept drawing.

This is the only excerpt that is known from the new main scenario so far. "Src ="

Source: Square Enix

This is the only excerpt that is known from the new main scenario so far.

This time the battle for Werlyt is about the Emerald Weapon. "Src ="

Source: Square Enix

This time the battle for Werlyt is about Emerald Weapon.

Revision for jobs, crafter and collectors

But that's not all, because of course Yoshi-P had a lot more to say about the upcoming update 5.4. So the jobs should be revised once again for PvP and PvE. The monk is especially scrutinized. We will probably only find out at a later date which changes the developers have planned exactly.

Craftsmen and collectors won't be neglected with Patch 5.4 either. For example, the designers want to adapt some of the less frequently used commands in the manufacturing professions. There should also be new states for the recipes. The collection system, on the other hand, is being fundamentally revised – including a new interface. Similar to the quest giver, the geographical height of the collection points is now also noted with a small arrow on the minimap. Fishermen can be pleased that the command "fish eyes" will no longer be necessary in future to catch rare fish.

The collectors get a completely new interface.

The collectors get a completely new interface.

Source: Square Enix

Patch 5.4 "Futures Rewritten" – further innovations

During his livestream, Yoshida announced many more big and small innovations. We have summarized these for you here:

  • Blue mage: The maximum level is increased from 60 to 70. New content, spells, and equipment are planned.
  • Weapons of resistance: New upgrade level planned. The content "Delubrum Reginae" can be entered with 24 players (normal mode) without specific class regulations or with 48 players (extreme mode, groups must be determined in advance).
  • Rebuilding Ishgard will go into the fourth and final phase. The most industrious professional group is honored with a monument in the middle of the sky city.
  • Celestial Steel Tools also get another upgrade
  • Dream exam: The dream test for patch 5.4 is not yet known
  • Treasure hunt: A new dungeon can be discovered.
  • Exploration mode allows you to safely browse the Shadowbringers dungeons for screenshots
  • Triple triad: Rules and UI will be revised to make it easier to access. There will be new tournaments.
  • Doman Mahjong: UI is being revised. In addition, there will soon be "Tonpusen" (fast games).
  • New Violins-Instruments for playing the bard
  • Quests can be linked in the chat window. If you have not yet completed a task, it will be blurred to avoid spoilers.
  • The PS4 version will be fully compatible with the PS5. New options for faster loading times can be activated.
  • An official PS5 version is still pending. Here the players should wait for future news.

So far, only this artwork is known of the new dungeon.

So far, only this artwork is known of the new dungeon.

Source: Square Enix

As always, we are curious about your opinion. What are you particularly looking forward to? Let us know in the comments.

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