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The PS5 is coming and finally we have a date and one, no, two awards. You can find out what it will cost and how you can pre-order it in this article.

PlayStation 5

It's been over seven years since Sony changed our lives forever with the PlayStation 4. We had to wait a long time for a new console – but now the time has come: We have hardware specifications, details about the new DualSense controller and, above all, a price, a release date and we know where we can pre-order a PS5.

PS5: pre-order? All information about the price (update from September 19, 2020)

On September 16, Sony finally had a chat and answered the questions that have been causing us sleepless nights for a long time.

The PS5 arrives on 19th November 2020 on the German market and will sweeten the Christmas party for many.

Let alone you were lucky enough to be able to pre-order one of the much sought-after consoles. As always, Sony did not seem to have expected such a high rush, because the consoles were quickly sold out within a few hours.

While the PS5 is in both North America, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand already on November 12th will be available, the console will not appear in Germany until a week later. According to Sony, the console will appear in two different versions.

PS5: This is how much the new console should cost

Sony has long kept a secret about the price. Both fans and analysts estimated a price of 500.00 to 600.00 euros. A Swedish website already listed the console for almost 1000 euros and caused some rumors.

Far from it, because the PS5 comes at a price of 399.00 as well as 499.00 euros on the market. This is because the console will be available in two versions. While the "Normal" version has a 4K Bluray drive, the All-digital version completely without. In terms of price, this translates into a difference of 100.00 euros.

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You can pre-order the PS5 from these retailers

Below we have one List of dealers for you who already list the PS5. Since it can always be the case that the console is occasionally available, it is always worthwhile to keep an eye on the offer pages and to have reminders sent to you by e-mail, if possible.

PlayStation 5 All Digital Edition for 399 euros:

PlayStation 5 with drive for 499 euros:

Unfortunately, we cannot foresee when the situation will ease with regard to a possible pre-order. There is only one thing that helps at the moment: Be vigilant and quick when the PS5 is available again. Get it – the offer won't last.

When the situation with regard to the PS5 pre-orders will relax a bit, it is not yet in sight. Current therefore you have to be particularly vigilant and quickas soon as the console is available again from the dealers.

Well, who of you can hardly wait for the console to appear and which version of the PS5 will you buy? Please write us in the comments.

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