All information about PvP, honor system and the BGs

Since August 27th all Vanilla fans have been able to rely on the Classic server from World of Warcraft fall. In the meantime, the developers of Blizzard have also published the honor system and the first two battlefields Warsong Gorge and Alterac Valley. Today, on March 11th, the third and final Classic battlefield follows with the Arathi Basin. We use this time and summarize all information about the honor system, the PvP rewards, battlefields and the release phases of the upcoming PvP content in this special.

WoW: Honor system, rewards, release phases – everything about PvP in Classic

PvP in WoW Classic – when does what come?

Blizzard developers want Classic content over six phases making it available on the new servers, this of course also applies to the PvP content from Vanilla-WoW. You can find out which PvP content belongs to which phase below:

Phase 1: Release of WoW Classic – Check!

As with the launch of WoW in 2004, there was no PvP system at the beginning of WoW Classic. Of course, you could still fight with the players of the other faction.

Phase 2: The Honor System Check

Blizzard planned the Classic honor system for the second phase. This system includes honorable victories, dishonorable victories, 14 ranks, and associated rank rewards. According to Blizzard, the items you will receive as rank rewards will be the versions of Patch 1.12.

Phase 3: Alterac Valley and Warsong Gorge – Check

Initially planned for phase 3, Blizzard released the two battlefields Alterac Valley and Warsong Gorge early on December 11, 2019. The other phase 3 content like the Raid Blackwing Lair followed in February 2020. For each battlefield there is a separate dealer, where you can stock up on special rewards if you have the required reputation. ATTENTION: Blizzard made several changes to these dealers during Vanilla, and not all items of Patch 1.12 are available in WoW Classic for the release of the BGs. In a official clarification it said: "Items that were added with Patch 1.6 will come with the release of the Raid Pechschwingenhort in 2020."

WoW: PvP - Warsong Gorge

With phase 3, the battlefields Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley land on the WoW Classic servers.

Source: Blizzard

Phase 4: The Arathi Basin celebrates its debut check

Phase 4 finally brings the third and last battlefield of WoW Classic, including the associated dealer, with the Arathi Basin.

Phase 6: World PvP goals in Silithus and the Eastern Plaguelands

While in the fifth phase the PvP fans go away empty-handed, in the sixth phase they can look forward to supplies for Open PvP: New world PvP goals await you in Silithus and the Eastern Plaguelands.

More information: WoW Classic: Phase 4 to 6 – the hottest content is yet to come!

When is the Arathi Basin coming?

The Arathi Basin battlefield is in WoW (buy now for € 26.99) Classic unlocked today, Wednesday, March 11th, 11:00 p.m. CET. From this point on, players from level 20 can queue.

  • Alliance players will find the Arathor League faction in the Refuge in the Arathi Highlands. Samuel Hawke is the supply officer of the Federation of Arathor. It is located in the city near the entrance to the battlefield.
  • Horde players will find the desecrated faction in the city of Hammerfall in the Arathi Highlands. Rutherford Twing is the supply officer. It is located north of the city near the entrance to the battlefield.

The battlefield holidays are introduced during the same week. During the holidays, you can earn additional honor and reputation on a specific battlefield. In the official WoW forum, Community Manager Kaivax recently revealed the specific dates for the holidays:

  • Warsong Gorge: from March 13th, April 10th, May 8th, June 5th and so on
  • Arathi Basin: from March 20th, April 17th, May 15th, June 12th and so on
  • Alterac Valley: from April 3rd, May 1st, May 29th, June 26th and so on

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PvP in WoW Classic – that's what awaits us

Blizzard developers release Classic's PvP content over several phases to best replicate the release schedule of the WoW patches from 2004 to 2006. For example, the honor system was only introduced with Patch 1.4 in April 2005, the first two battlefields Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch followed in early June 2005. So far, they have followed this order in Classic.

Open world fun – PvP in phase 1

In the early months of Vanilla-WoW, open world skirmishes were actually the only way to compete with other players. That was everyday life on PvP servers, of course, but also on PvE servers it was a frequently used distraction from everyday quest. The highlights were the almost epic battles at the crossroads and between Süderstade and Tarren Mill, in which hundreds of players often fought each other. From time to time, the factions allowed themselves to attack enemy cities and other villages. Unfortunately, the city raids often had to deal with server lags and crashes.

Such blatant technical problems will of course no longer exist in 2019, even if you can still bring the servers to their knees with a large number of players. One or the other epic open PvP battle in Classic has already proven that. You couldn't expect rewards for PvP from Classic in this early phase. But you didn't have to worry about being punished by dishonorable kills for killing NPCs.

Open PvP frustration – the PvP in phase 2

The start of phase 2 was supposed to take Open PvP to a new level of fun, but it did Many Vanilla fans have fun playing on their consciences. Because after the introduction of the honor system on Classic PvP servers, a real hunt was made for the players of the outnumbered faction. Since many of the PvP servers also have a significantly larger population than the fullest vanilla servers at the time, there was hardly any way in the following weeks to escape the honor-hungry opponents: Around the clock, all flight riding masters, dungeon entrances and raids under siege in the high-level zones. If you wanted to visit an instance in the Blackrock, you had to die there first. Farming and questing in the open world had become impossible for many players, and how did Blizzard react? Well, similarly liberal as in 2005 and 2006, where faction ratios were also a problem on many servers, albeit a smaller one, since there weren't that many players per server at the time. The developers provided free character transfers for certain servers, but without restrictions on the underpayment fraction.

It happened what had to happen: Above all, the troubled players of the outnumbered group used this service. The situation was getting worse on the affected realms. So bad that some big guilds, who actually wanted to wait until December 11th to launch the battlefields, finally tried to save themselves when Blizzard announced the end of the free transfer phase for December 6th. One reason for the constant chase for players of the outnumbered group was the way the honor system works. Which brings us to the next topic:

WoW: Weekly PvP Brawl - Süderstade vs. Tarren Mill

The open PvP battles around Süderstade and Tarrens Mühle are among the best memories of many classic veterans.

Source: Blizzard

This is how the WoW Classic honor system works

The honor system for the first time, well, brings system into WoW PvP. There are 14 ranks you can achieve. Each of these ranks will be sweetened with a title and a reward.

rank Alliance title Title of the Horde reward
2ndFootmanGruntPvP trinket
3rdLandsknechtgun carrierRare cloak & 10 percent discount from faction dealers.
4thsergeantBattlemenRare necklace
5ensignRottenmeisterRare bracers
6lieutenantStone GuardOfficer tabard, potions and access to the officer barracks
7CaptainBlood GuardRare boots & rare gloves
8thCuirassierAnger BringerRare chest piece & rare pants
9Knight of the allianceBlade of the HordeBattle standard
10thField commander commanderRare helmet / rare shoulder protection
11RittmeisterStorm riderEpic mount
12thMarshalWarlordEpic gloves, pants and shoes
13Field MarshalWarlordEpic helmet, shoulder protection and chest part
14Grand Marshal Supreme WarlordEpic weapons & shield

But how exactly does the system work? Well, for your victories over enemy faction players, as well as your achievements on the battlefields, you'll earn honorable victories (and dishonorable victories if NPCs get involved in the open world) or honor points. Each week, to change the ID, a player's honor is compared to the honor earned by other heroes of their own faction. Depending on how well and actively you have played the week, the ranking rises or falls, and is degraded or promoted after a certain time. Once you have achieved rank rewards, you can of course keep them if you lose this rank again.

Problems of the WoW honor system in 2005/2006

On the battlefields and in Open PvP, you earn honor points in Classic WoW, which are included in the weekly billing. Whoever collects enough honor rises in rank. The higher the rank and the more active your own faction, the more honor you need to be promoted.

On the battlefields and in Open PvP, you earn honor points in Classic WoW, which are included in the weekly billing. Whoever collects enough honor rises in rank. The higher the rank and the more active your own faction, the more honor you need to be promoted.

Source: Buffed

If you wanted to reach rank 14 in Vanilla-WoW, you not only had to invest a lot of time (without a holiday of several weeks it was hardly possible for full-time workers to reach the ranks 13 or 14), nobody was allowed to shoot across the server. In the case of great competition, internal agreements were necessary: ​​who is the top-ranked, who is next, and so on. If someone did not follow these agreements, this could block individual players for weeks. If the competition was very active and no agreement was reached, the core groups from that time even refrained from playing games against other core groups, as these simply took too long. At the same time, you could easily handle three to four random groups. So the motto "Sit down and let it win" quickly made the round to win as much honor as possible at the end of the week.

More on this topic: WoW Classic: The dark side of the honor system – that awaits us

Another problem arose from the fraction of the population at that time, which was around 70 to 30 on many servers. The overpayment fraction sometimes had to wait a few hours for a battlefield to open. The other side was happy to receive immediate invitations. This imbalance also had a playful effect. The outnumbered group could quickly get used to the Warsong Gorge and the Arathi Basin, because even with individual registrations, you were often in a group with the same people. The games were correspondingly one-sided when two "random groups" met. In return, the surplus fraction in Alterac Valley could repay the many defeats, because only the replenishment of human resources counted here.

PvP in Classic – the idiosyncrasies of Patch 1.12

With patch 1.12, Alterac Valley has little in common with the version that came into play in 2005.

With patch 1.12, Alterac Valley has little in common with the version that came into play in 2005.

Source: Buffed

At least the latter problem doesn't matter on the new WoW Classic servers. Since the servers use the status of Patch 1.12, we are not expecting server-internal but cross-server battles in the BGs – EU-wide realm pools thank you. The disadvantage: the chances are so bad that a similarly committed PvP community will form on each server, as was the case in Vanilla-WoW. It had its special charm that at some point you knew the names on the other side, had to measure yourself against the same core groups, and were able to discuss the battles fought in the server forum.

Alterac Valley was also very different with Patch 1.12 than at the release in June 2005. Only with Patch 1.8 were the NPC opponents weakened and relocated, then Korrak and his troll minions even left the valley completely with 1.10. With patch 1.11, tens of NPC guards deserted, and the remaining enemies were given another slowdown. Last but not least, the 1.12 battlefield finally benefited from the new cross-realm feature. The big battlefield now has all of these changes. The result: The factions rely on fast rush games because it is no problem to send the general of the enemy into the dirt without conquering the towers.

PvP in Classic – Warsong Gorge and Alterac Valley

Since December 11, 2019, we have been allowed to plunge into the first two battlefields, Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley, to measure ourselves against the players of the enemy faction and to farm honor and reputation. Since there is a lot to say about the two BGs, we have summarized the most important things for you in the following articles:

PvP in WoW Classic – Gurubashi Arena

The Gurubashi Arena in the Stranglethorn Valley was very popular with PvP fans in Vanilla-WoW. Anyone entering the arena is automatically marked for PvP combat on PvE servers and can be attacked by players from the opposing faction. The visit is worthwhile every three hours, i.e. at midnight, at 3 a.m., at 6 a.m. and so on. Because then a goblin leaves a chest in the center of the arena, which only one player can open. Even at night the bear quilted here regularly, it was only possible in exceptional cases to get the contents of the chest without using weapons.

And what was in it? Well, healing and mana potions, with luck rare bracers and of course Master of the arena, of which you had to collect a total of twelve pieces to complete the items in the course of a quest Grandmaster of the arena convert.

The bear regularly stepped in Classic-WoW in the Gurubashi-Arena.

The bear regularly stepped in Classic-WoW in the Gurubashi-Arena.

Source: Buffed

PvP in WoW Classic – armor sets for all classes

Each class in WoW Classic can earn their own armor set using the honor system (see also the rewards for the ranks), whereby each set consists of six parts (shoulder, head, pants, chest, shoes, gloves). With two, four and six parts you activate a set bonus, so each set has three such bonuses.

The bonuses depend on the class. Rogues are happy with the epic set about 20 points of endurance, 40 points of attack power and a shorter cooldown of the solar plexus. Warlocks have 20 stamina, more damage and healing from magical spells, as well as effects and a reduced casting time for Immolate.

You can find a list of all set bonuses and the exact values ​​on all parts in this Wowhead's Overview.

WoW: Retro Trailer – WoW Classic Cinematic

PvP in Classic – faction dealer rewards

For each battlefield in WoW Classic there is a separate faction, where you can increase your reputation by participating in the respective BG. It depends on your reputation which items you can buy from the respective retailers.

Annotation: Since the factions each have their own dealers, there are corresponding, comparably good counterparts for the other faction for some items in the following lists. In addition, the traders of some items (such as rations and associations, but also some armor and weapons) sell better variants, depending on your character level. Basically, it should be clear which items you can buy from PvP dealers.

Note 2: Blizzard made a clarification on December 11 to the dealer's offer for the Warsong Gulch:

  • At the Warsong Gulch Merchant, you'll only see the rewards you've unlocked through your reputation. With a neutral reputation, the dealer has nothing in the bag for you at first.
  • Currently, the Warsong Gorge dealers only sell the original list of consumer goods (as well as a tabard).
  • Other items that were added with Patch 1.6 will come with the release of the Raid Pechschwingenhort in 2020.

Offer reputation dealer Arathi Basin

Offer reputation dealer Alterac Valley

Offer reputation dealer Warsong Gorge

What general information about PvP in Classic do you still miss? If you still have points, we would be happy to add them to our special.

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