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With the release of Patch 5.5 “Death Unto Dawn” on April 13th, the open beta for the PlayStation 5 version of Final Fantasy 14 should also start. Find out what you have to do to take part and what it looks like in action here.

Square Enix promises big things for the PlayStation 5 version of Final Fantasy 14. In addition to the improved frame rate and loading times compared to the current console version, 3D audio should also be supported and haptic feedback provided via the DualSense controller. Of course, players will also be able to admire the MMO hit in 4K resolution in the future.

The open beta for PlayStation 5 is scheduled to start on April 13th at the same time as the release of Patch 5.5. If you own the digital or physical PS4 version, you can download the beta from the PlayStation Store. This is free of charge, so only the monthly subscription fees apply. Should you have Final Fantasy 14 (buy now ) don’t have it yet, you can at least download the free trial version, which allows you to play up to level 60. You can find out more about participation in the official announcement.

It is not yet known how long the beta phase will run. However, Square Enix has announced that the official version will launch as soon as the testing is over. It will not be necessary to download the game version again from the PlayStation Store. We were also given a little foretaste of the beta in the last letter from the producer LIVE. There producer and director Naoki Yoshida showed a full 16 minutes of gameplay and also presented some new features that will await us with the upcoming patch 5.5. You can watch them in the following video from 1:19:02 to 1:35:42.

Of course, we are also looking forward to your opinion. Are you going to try the PS5 version of Final Fantasy 14? Let us know in the comments!

Final Fantasy 14: Death unto Dawn – Trailer zu Patch 5.5

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