Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is currently only available in very limited quantities. We’ll keep you updated on the price and availability of the Xbox Series X here.

Xbox Series X

Buy Xbox Series X: “Next Gen” console currently sold out

At the moment it is Xbox Series X out of stock at all retailers. Microsoft is trying to meet the demand, but not all interested gamers have secured a console yet. It is not yet known when exactly the Xbox Series X will be widely available again.

In the past few weeks, however, the console has been offered unannounced in some online shops. These small contingents however, they were always sold out quickly. The Xbox Series S, on the other hand, is currently still available from some online stores.

Order Xbox Series X: Overview of online retailers

Although you can’t currently order an Xbox Series X, you should anyway visit the following dealers regularlybecause the console may be available in limited quantities from time to time. You can currently still find the Xbox Series S at several of these shops:

Xbox Series X for 499 euros:

Xbox Series S bestellen:

In our overview article you will find all further information about the release, price and design of the Xbox Series X.

Our video introduces you to the best accessories for the Xbox Series X:

Buy Xbox Series X: The right accessories for the console

For the real “next gen” experience with the Xbox Series X, you also need the right accessories. So you should take a closer look at these articles:

Xbox accessories

In order for the performance of the Xbox Series X to really come into its own, you of course also need the right 4K television. Here are our “Next Gen” favorites:

Xbox Series X TV

Order Xbox Series X: Console bundles not yet available

There are currently no console bundles available for the Xbox Series X. When the console becomes widely available again, this is likely to change. When the first “Xbox Series X” bundles are offered, we will of course inform you about them at this point.

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