All known bugs in the new auction house

of Sara Petzold
WoW Patch 8.3 has arrived on the live servers and provides players with various innovations – but also some bugs. Among other things, the update confuses a few functions of the auction house, which is why Blizzard has now published a list of known problems with the WoW feature.

When a new patch is released, changes in content usually bring a bug or two with it. WoW Patch 8.3 is no exception and turns things upside down in the auction house. Blizzard therefore has one official Bluepost published a list (via Wowhead), which summarizes all known errors of the auction house.

The list calls The following points:

  • The upgrades filter sometimes shows wands and shields that are not upgrades.
  • Pets can sometimes appear incoherently in the list of active auctions while players sell certain items.
  • Sometimes players cannot buy out auctions where they are the highest bidder.
  • Rows of sold auctions sometimes disappear from the auctions tab.
  • Rows of sold auctions sometimes show the wrong amount of items sold.
  • There is no chat message when someone has bought an auction.
  • The "Uncollected" filter sometimes shows battle pets that players already own.
  • When players sell a pet in a cage, the price columns are incorrectly displayed in the list of active actions.
  • Some players report that they tried to cancel an auction that allowed bids but had no active bids yet. They received a false warning that they had to pay an additional five percent penalty if the auction was canceled. This message should only appear if a player has already submitted a bid for an auction. Otherwise, players can cancel the auction despite the notification without having to pay the fee.

Blizzard claims to be working on bug fixes and advising players to disable their addons if they have any problems with the auction house.

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