In the USA, it is now possible to pre-order the PS5 – but only in the form of a bizarre raffle. In Germany you have to wait a little longer. You can find all previously known information about pre-ordering the PlayStation 5 here.

PlayStation 5

Pre-order the PS5: The PS5 is expected to be available for pre-order when Sony announces the price for the console.

A dream is finally coming true for gamers in the USA: Sony has opened the pre-order phase for the PS5 – at least to a certain extent. Currently, players who already have a PSN account can register on the official website. After a selection process that is not defined in more detail, the gamers will, in the best case, receive an invitation by email and can then – while stocks last – pre-order the PlayStation 5.

One PS5 console per customer can participate in the promotion, up to two cameras, two DualSense controllers, two remote controls, two controller charging stations and two headsets can be pre-ordered. But the campaign has another catch, which is much stranger: Since neither the prices nor the release dates for the console and the accessories are currently known, they have to be Sony will surprise gamers later how much the products ultimately cost and when they will be delivered. This is a very unusual strategy. However, this probably won't dissuade real fans from pre-ordering the PlayStation 5. It is currently not known whether the campaign will also take place in Germany.

Pre-order PlayStation 5: Sony is mysterious

Sony has already introduced important hardware innovations and some games for the upcoming PlayStation 5, but those who pre-order the console are still waiting to find out how much the PS5 will cost.

The fact that Sony has not yet announced the price of the PS5 is certainly also due to the fact that Microsoft has not yet given any information on the price of the Xbox Series X, which is also coming. The Both gaming giants are still noticeably reticent when it comes to the cost of their new consoles – certainly also in order not to give the respective rival an opportunity to undercut.

The rumor mill has been extremely active in recent months for precisely this reason. There have been numerous reports and leaks about the price of the PS5, but these have always turned out to be rumors or simple placeholder prices. Even if so It has not yet been officially confirmed how much the PlayStation 5 will cost, there is already some interesting information about the new Sony console for pre-orderers.

All further information and important details about the price, release and design of the new PlayStation can be found in our current PS5 overview article.

Pre-order PlayStation 5: estimate the price of the PS5

Sony is not yet looking into the cards with regard to the price of the PS5, but at least some guesses can be made as to how much the PlayStation 5 will cost.

Given the premium components, it wouldn't be surprising if the price of the PS5 should start out higher than that of its predecessor console. The PS4 was launched in 2013 at a price of 399 euros. Alone Manufacturing costs for the PlayStation 5 will be around $ 450 per console estimated. This is why most industry insider estimates so far use one PS5 price between 400 and 500 euros calculate. A significantly higher price of the PlayStation 5, on the other hand, is rather unlikely, also because Sony was with The PS3 launched with a price tag of $ 600 went quite wrong.

Since the PlayStation 5 will appear in two different versions, a certain price difference between the "All Digital" edition and the version with a 4K drive can be assumed – probably will this difference between 50 and 100 euros lie.

Buy PS5 online: These online stores will carry the PlayStation 5

Of course, Sony's new console will be available on the "PlayStation 5" profile pages of the major online stores. These retailers already have information pages for the PS5:

How much it from the start of sales to possible delivery bottlenecks could come is not yet in sight. If you really want to hold the PlayStation 5 in your hands on time this year or give it away under the Christmas tree, it is best to pre-order the console for security.

PS5 pre-order: release date before Christmas 2020

The PS5 should definitely be available in time for Christmas 2020. Sony has already confirmed the release date of the console not from the global Covid-19 pandemic has been affected – even if there may be delays in some games.

These 13 games are a must on the PS5:

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Pre-order PS5 bundles: secure great deals

There will certainly be some attractive console bundles for the PlayStation 5 again. So you can buy Sony's next-gen console together with one or more top games – and save good money in combination.

As soon as pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 and the PS5 console bundles are available, we will inform you at this point and keep you up to date with all information about buying the PS5.

Pre-order PS5 online: Register for Sony's newsletter

It is currently not possible to pre-order the PS5. However, you can already directly from Sony for a newsletter Register, who will inform you about all updates on the appearance of the PlayStation 5.

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It's now official: the PlayStation 5 will be released at the end of 2020 and will bring numerous improvements and completely new functions. So there are more than enough reasons to look forward to the next generation of PlayStation. Now your opinion is asked!

Can you hardly stand the wait for Sony's next-gen console? Are you going to pre-order the PS5 or would you prefer to wait until 2021 to buy it? Let us know what you think in the comments!