The trading card game Hearthstone and all the fans around it celebrate the release of Hearthstone: Ruins of Outland on April 7, 2020. A total of 135 new cards come into play, which should alleviate the sadness of losing the three Year of the Raven expansions at the start of the year of the Phoenix. As usual from previous years, the makers of Hearthstone are presenting a large part of the cards in cooperation with streamers, influencers and websites of the gaming press – we were able to show you, for example, the designer of the Mo'arg.

With its regular updates, this article serves to present you with all the cards that are already known. There is always a small update text below so that you know what has changed since the last update. So be sure to check back often if you want to see all 135 maps of Outland Ruins before the release.

Update from March 18, 2020:

After the initial announcement of Outland Ruins on March 17, 2020 (cards that you can get for the demon hunter can be found here), 18 cards of the expansion were already known, we were able to present another one to you on March 18. You can find the cards to flip through in the gallery.

Hearthstone – Outland Ruins: Mo'arg Designer (Source: Blizzard)

The following is a rough overview of the ruins of Outland:

  • The year of the Phoenix begins on April 7, 2020 with the release of the new expansion Ruins of Outland
  • New hero with a new class: Illidan Stormrage, demon hunter with new keywords, 20 starter cards and 1 mana class skill – free of charge for every player!
  • New servant type: primes that are mixed back into the deck in an improved version after their destruction
  • "Sleeping" demons who are inactive for two rounds and then unleash a powerful effect

Hearthstone: Cinematic trailer for ruins of Outland

You can pre-order ruins of Outland for Hearthstone. For 49.99 euros you get the standard package with 55 card packs, the snake card back and a random golden legendary card from ruins of Outland. If you put 79.99 euros on the table for the mega-package, you get a total of 90 packs, the snake card back, the random golden legendary card and the shaman heroine Lady Vashj, four arena entrances and battlefield bonuses to the legacy of the dragons (this includes about three heroes to choose from, emotes and statistics ).

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