MTG Arena offers the most convenient way to play Magic the Gathering digitally. However, only a fraction of the more than 25 year history of the card game is currently playable in the new client. You can find out which editions and formats are available in MTG Arena and which cards are banned here.

Other than the card game template that targets a pool of almost 20,000 cards can access and thus enables a variety of formats such as Modern, Legacy or Commander. MTG Arena is primarily aimed at new players and those who play primarily with cards from the current sets.

Nevertheless, arenas are now also in arena a whole range of different game modes and formats offered. However, not every available map edition can be played in every format. So takes place with the publication of the autumn set a rotation of the standard format every year instead, which means that the four sets from the previous year can no longer be played in this format.

Playable editions

MTG Arena currently consists of ten editions, six of which are playable in standard format. The editions Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan, Dominaria and Core Set 2019 are only in the new Historic Format legal, officially in November 2019 started in MTG Arena.

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Banned cards in MTG Arena

In order to guarantee a fair metagame, cards that have turned out to be too strong have to be banned from time to time. You cannot play the following cards in your MTG Arena decks. A list of all banned cards of all Magic formats can be found here,

Banned cards in standard

At the end of 2019, the standard format was not good. A total of four cards had to be banned within a few months.

Brawl banned cards

In Brawl game mode, each card can only be included once per deck. This means that the risk that individual cards are too strong is significantly lower than in the standard format. Nevertheless, two cards were excluded for security.

Banned cards in Historic

So far, all cards contained in MTG Arena are permitted in the relatively young historic format.