Alleged leak reveals release, price, launch and more

Sony's new Playstation 5 console is said to be finally unveiled on February 5, 2020. At least that's what an extremely extensive leak says, which has caused a stir on Reddit since the weekend. In addition to this supposed disclosure date, the unconfirmed leak also reveals a lot of information such as the release date of the console, the price and which titles we can play for the launch. This information is said to be part of the unveiling in early February. In the run-up to the E3, on which Sony will not be represented as in 2019, there will be another event with additional information. As a special feature, not only PS4 games, but also all titles for PS3, PS2 and PS1 should run on the console, which means that the PS5 would offer full backward compatibility apart from PSP and PS Vita. There have been rumors of this in the past.

release date

So when should it happen? According to unconfirmed information, the PS5 will be available from October 30, 2020. This is quite possible, because the console will be released at the end of the year and almost at the same time as the Xbox Series X, as was officially confirmed by Sony some time ago.


The device will therefore cost 500 euros. That would be 100 euros more than the PS4 at the start and would correspond to the price that many industry experts have recently assumed. However, there might be different price points for the launch or sometime afterwards, based on the size of the built-in SSD. A variant of the PS5 is even said to offer a two-terrabyte SSD.

release Title

While the release date and price seem realistic, it is questionable whether Sony would or would be able to provide precise information about the launch lineup at such an early stage. In any case, the Reddit leak says that we can look forward to a new branch of the Killzone series by the studio Guerilla Games. The team made a name for itself during the PS4 era, especially with Horizon: Zero Dawn, which is said to soon be given a PC port. The new kill zone should not be a fifth part, but a reboot.

Furthermore, Bluepoint Games, who are responsible for the technically impressive PS4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus, are supposedly working on a similarly complex reinterpretation of Demon Souls.

According to rumors, San Diego Studios should revive the SOCOM series for the PS5.

Insomniac Games, which was bought by Sony not so long ago, are apparently working on a new Ratchet & Clank game after their much-praised remake of the first part, which is to introduce a new trilogy around the two likeable protagonists.

Last but not least, we will be able to climb into the virtual cockpits of the cars in Gran Tourismo 7 after the launch of the PS5.

More titles in progress

In addition to these launch titles, the following titles should appear in the months and years after the console was launched: In 2021, we can look forward to Horizon: Zero Dawn 2, a new Uncharted, The Order 1886 Part 2 and another Motorstorm. Spider-Man 2 and God of War 2 are to follow in 2022.

We repeat: All information is provided without guarantee and will, with a probability bordering on certainty, neither be confirmed nor denied by Sony. By February 5, the day of the alleged unveiling, we will know how much of the rumors are. In any case, it is interesting that the alleged leak was deleted only a few hours after it was posted; It cannot be said whether it is due to Sony's actual endeavor or because the original poster wants to give its information more credibility by allegedly "printing from Sony".

As long as all this information has not been confirmed and the article is therefore obsolete, we recommend our large report, in which we summarize all information about Playstation 5!

Source: Reddit post (meanwhile deleted)

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